PLANNING KOREA (Updates at Bottom)

We're planning/savings to go to Korea in a few years. Hopefully, sooner than later. While the girls and I have now been there once (aside from the first 6 months of their lives), we hope to experience it one time as a completed family of 7.

I wonder about folks who travel frequently. I know most have flyer miles and reuse them, etc. But, does it ever happen that you can acquire more than you can use? And since we're all about recycling and not wasting, is it possible to find someone, via this mode, to donate miles to travel, upgrade...anything. I mean if they'll be wasted anyways....right?

So I thought I would leave this as a separate page in case someone happened upon it over the next couple of years and they know of someone or are someone with these miles that can be given to someone else. We'll save and hopefully eventually go no matter, but just thought it would be a cool experiment. So here it is.

Just a thought. Could this angel be you?



We've got $1100 of the $15,000 we will need to all go to Korea. Of course, this is an estimate, but at $1500/plane ticket, I doubt I'm too far off. Saving $100/month doesn't add up real fast, but it's better than nothing. :)


Woohoo...we got a $10 rebate on a skillet we bought with some Christmas money. It's going straight to our Korea account!


We have a whopping $2,500 of the $15,000+ we need.  Mostly due to our $100/month savings, but we've put Discovercard rewards in there and then we got $1,000 for teaching our children financial responsibility!!!  This is an enormous help towards our Korea trip.  We have it nailed down that we plan to go in 2013.  We may not have it completely saved up by then, but we'll see.


Wow, it's been awhile since I updated here.  As of next month I have to discontinue the $100/month savings.  Working part time means sacrifices so I can be with the kids more and this is one thing that had to go to pay for necessities.  But, we still got quite a bit of time in, so I'm still proud of ourselves.  I just checked our balance and we have $3760 in our Korea account with all of our saving and Discover rewards.  That's a good start.  Hopefully, we'll be able to put some more in there by May 2013.

So, pretty much what we have in our Korea account now is all there is.....still.   I have been starting to mark sites so that we can make the most of our short time in Korea and see everything we can.  While in Cheju (Kaelin's birth city) I'd like to see their famous waterfalls; and of course the agency she was brought to there.  While in Gwangju I'd like to see Jaemin and Chelsi's hospital, Chelsi's agency and the babies home Jaemin lived in for the first 5 months of his life.  Then, of course, we have 3 agencies to visit for all 3 kids while in Seoul.  I'd also LOVE to volunteer some time at Ilsan, home for disabled children.  Then, we have to shop at Insadong (this time) and Namdaemun (again).  I'm getting so nervous and it's 2 whole years away.  Will we be able to get a room at Fraser Place Central?  I pray so.  It's one of the only places that has a suite big enough to allow our family.  And it's my pick for sentimental reasons.  Please pray we stay there and I can figure out what the schedule is for the bullet train to get from Seoul to Gwangju.  If anyone reads this and knows how to find it.....PLEASE let me know.

I just had Discover Card pay out my rewards.  Another $100 to our Korea account!!  Woohoo... a little progress at a time.

While we make $100 at a time progress a couple times a year, the cost to fly and stay there is skyrocketing.  I've been checking on airfare and I just had to up the budget almost $200/ticket.  That's TIMES 7!  Plus, I emailed Fraser Place Central and while they can get us into a 2 bedroom, it now costs $300/night PLUS breakfast.  Breakfast used to be included, but they said they now charge 130,000 Won.  I don't know if that's per person, stay or what.  It's looking less and less like we can do what we had anticipated.  I think I'm going to have to cut the travel to my kids' birth cities.  This totally makes me sad.  The one thing I really wanted to do was let them step on the same ground their birth mothers had and me be there to see it.  Cutting this, though, will save almost $2,000.  I'm so upset thinking we can't do this now.  I don't know how to make the trip more affordable for us?  We've been saving for 8 years and it's a one time trip, so you want to fit in everything you can.  But, the most important items are foster mother and birth city visits.  A part of me thinks what's the point without this.  But, it may be our only chance for all 7 of us to go before the big kids grow up and move away.  I hope there's a way.  I'll always carry a little hope, but it's dwindling.

Nothing to say.  No progress to our designated Korean savings account.  Unfortunately, the last time we got Discovercard rewards I had to use it to pay some bills, otherwise we'd have about $100 more.  It's a huge bummer!  I'm still praying we'll get to go in Spring 2013, but at times lose a little hope.  With braces, septic issues and a car in 1 1/2 years for a to-be 16 year old, not sure what will happen.  Not to mention every time I make out a new budget with good hopes and expectations my health insurance goes up taking away more money.  Yeah, I checked and I'm officially $264/month in the hole from where I was exactly 5 years ago.   But, I keep my head high and hope to go.  This is my dream; for me and for my children.

Done updating here.  I'm just going to post when there's something to say about this in the regular daily posts.