Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just some miscellaneous pictures over the past couple of weeks.

They finally got to drag the playdoh out.


Chelsi finally got to wear her Korean flag necklace (a gift from a jeweler in South Korea).

Friday, March 30, 2007

Funny Chelsi Pictures….to us anyways. :)

Let's see, here we have Chelsi's "drinkin' spot".  She always either lets her milk dribble down her chin onto the floor or the sippie leaks, so we told her she has to keep drinks in the kitchen.  She decided right at the door between the kitchen and living room is perfect, so now when she wants a drink she just goes and sits on the rug and waits patiently for us to notice she wants a drink.  Then you just have to walk up to her and she'll say "dwink".


Here we have Chelsi having some cereal snack in the living room.  We wanted to be somewhat neat, so she had to wear a bib.  She didn't really want to hold the bowl herself though, so she stuck it in her bib.  Pretty smart, we think.

And this is what happens when she's not quite ready to be out of her "dwink".

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How sad is YOUR government?

We're trying to get immigration to be a little more consistent and supportive of international adoptive families.  With families that finalize in the country they adopt from USCIS mails the Certificate of Citizenship to the family upon arrival in the United States.  When you don't finalize in-country, but in the United States court system instead, as required with Korean adoptions, USCIS does not do this. 

Heck no!  Our families must pay a few hundred dollars (yes I said a few hundred), fill out a lengthy application and then wait for them to review our child's documentation for the 2nd time and our family's for the 3rd!  I highly doubt they actually review considering they've got bigger fish to fry.  Anyways, on top of the fees going up for what USCIS does very little work for, if any, we have to drive 4 hours to pick up the certificate in person.  In December when I filled out the application their Adjudicator's Field Manual had a subsection that stated in adoption situations the certificate could just be mailed certified and us presenting ID to the U.S. Post Office would be enough justification that we, in fact, picked it up.  But, a month after we submitted our application they took that section out.  When I called the main office, because ours took their number off the internet, they said "sorry you're out of luck" and were beyond rude!

Now on top of that, I've written our state and U.S. Senators and Representatives and they, and their staff, will not even take the time to call and visit with us on the issue.  Of course, I also wrote some other state's U.S. Senators hoping just someone will help and nothing!  I also wrote Washington State Senator Paul Shin because he's a Korean adoptee himself.  And though he can't help because it's very difficult to work on a national issue from the local level HE took the time to write us a letter.  Signed in ink, personalized and not a form letter!

What can I say....I'm very disappointed!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Max won Grease, You’re the One that I Want!!

I've been cheering for him since the beginning.  He reminds me of our youngest son, just a little goofball, but so cute!

I so wish I could go to NY to see Grease!!  I still remember when my mom first let me see it and I've loved the movie ever since.  I've seen it far too many times to count.  I can't wait until my daughters start watching it with me.

It's a timeless movie that is so much fun.  I'm so glad my man Max won!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Family (Airplane) Day Girls!!

This week is a special week. It marks the 1st anniversary of our youngest joining our family and the 4th anniversary of our oldest daughter joining our family. We generally, don't do a whole lot other than go out to dinner, but dad is also making our 4 year old's favorite meal for supper, so it's chicken noodle soup here. It was so much fun making these slide shows. Although, Kaelin's was just so hard to believe how much they've all grown as I watched hers playback. What happened to my babies?  We love you!!!!!! 

Kaelin's Slide Show Here

Chelsi's Slide Show Here

Update on Donations for American Heart Association Heart Walk

Donate Here

We're at $60 with offline and online donations and have until July.  Please keep donating.  Cole really wants to hit at least $700 this year.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Busy, but great last few days.

Whew.  I don't think we've had time to breathe lately.  Cole's birthday was Thursday.  He got a new football from mom and dad and loved it!!  He also got $$ from Grandma/Grandpa H. and gift cards to Bass Pro from two of his Godparents.....along with many phone calls that night.  Our phone rang off the hook for him.

Happy Birthday big boy!!!


Saturday was designated Spring clean up at our house.  We're so used to such mild Winter's that we've always been able to keep up here and there throughout Winter, but this year was much different.  The temp came up to around 60 degrees, so while dad was at work the four kiddos and I cleaned up the driveway and cleaned out the garage....for 4 hours!  They did well and Chelsi put up with being outside for so long and even overlapping naptime, very well.  Here are some pictures from Saturday morning/afternoon.

And last, but not least, someone on one of the adoption boards posted a great link to a picture/Korean dictionary that speaks.  Kaelin thought it was so neat that she now asks if she can get on the computer to study.  So we're starting her with numbers.  She's so serious and it's so sweet.  Here she is hard at work.


Sunday, March 4, 2007

I do all the work and SHE falls asleep

After church it was time to get the house cleaned.  I strapped Chelsi to my back and went to work.  Usually she doesn't want to be carried very long, but she fell asleep about 20 minutes into my chores.  By then, I may as well finish so I did.  But she did look awefully darn cute sleeping back there, so dad took a picture.

Eating mommy's back.

Head falling to the side.

After taking her off my back she just flopped onto my bed still very deeply sleeping.

Then daddy tried to wake her with kisses (it's not nap time yet).

Oh yeah, had to throw in a new Chelsi face.  We call it 'old man face.  :)