Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Out of order Christmas

I really did get out of sorts this year.  I didn't even do our annual Christmas photo, so no cards this year.  But, I mentioned doing a Christmas video card and the girls wanted to do that....SOOOOO....the choreography is totally them.  I just bought the music and Jaemin was in charge of operating the tablet while I video taped.  They had such a great time!  Christmas was good and I got to have some time with my sweet new nephew (Godchild).  Love him too!

Christmas card 2016!
K and Aunt M
 C and Aunt M

 C and Aunt M (She got 3 of the 5 with her)
 She's so good with the baby!
J's Christmas Party.

 More Christmas Pics

My Christmas Elf (2016 Program)

So busy and behind

This has just gotten so last thought to me.  I've been so bad about a lot of things I used to be so good about. I haven't even written the foster moms in 1 1/2 years.  I used to do that every single year without fail.  Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Jun, if you ever read this, I'm sorry.

The activities have become so busy.  Not that we're over-extending the kids, but by the time you multiply an activity by 4 and then try to work; it's crazy.  We're a little laid back at this point with Chelsi only having gymnastics, but Chase is still weight lifting for football, so we just need to make sure he always has rides and track and volleyball are soon to be starting back up.  Then, the real fun begins with swim lessons....I think we'll try to break Kaelin from volleyball from the summer since we'll start back in with volleyball for her and football for Chase and possibly Jaemin when school starts back up.  That will be a crazy we've never attempted before.  If Chase could sell enough lures to make a few bucks a month for gas and then clean his aunt's house like he does now, that could suffice for a job.  Hoping that works out for him.  Football is hard to work during AND keep A averages in school.

Our house will start as soon as the weather cooperates, so hopefully, we can move in before school starts.  That alone will be enough for summer activities.

But, tonight was about Chelsi.  I don't know what happened to the invite, but apparently school mailed it on 1/6/16 and we just got it tonight (1/12/16) and the awards ceremony for high performance on a state exam was tonight.  Brian had to hurry up and get her there and then take her to gymnastics.  Chelsi does NOT like to miss awards.  She definitely lives for those.  I hope that continues.  I usually do the gymnastics run, but it's been so crazy with trying to sell the house, build the house and just keep up that I haven't gotten to spend time with Jaemin, so that was mine tonight.  We hadn't read all month yet, so we read for an hour and then worked on the easy times tables.  He's ahead in math since he's already finished the subtraction and additional goals for 1st grade.  I hope he always continues to be this smart about math.  That's great!  But, Chelsi got her award.  I know lots of 4th graders get these at this age, but as high as she scored....it should be a occur every year.