Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Jaemin had a blast. He is definitely starting to remember things.  We went to a couple of trunk-or-treats at church and he said he wanted to go home and ride in the wagon.  He remembered that Chase pulls him in the wagon every year through the neighborhood to trick or treat.  Chelsi decided to wear the same dress she wore last year.  The girl that I bought the dress from, found the crown after Halloween last year.  Since Chelsi made it a witch costume last year she wanted to be a princess this year.  I was stumped on Jaemin.  He wanted to be a Ninja Turtle when he saw the costume Monday while we were waiting for his medicine, but it was $25.  I had put off figuring out what to do for Jaemin's costume thinking I had all this time, but then he got sick and I ran out of time.  When we were at the grocery store (when he was sick) Jaemin picked out the Batman mask.  So I bought a $1 box of black trash bags, found some leftover felt, velcro, Kaelin's leggings and with Chase's artistic ability we made Jaemin into Batman.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Good riddens

to a bad.....horrible....week!

We had some issues going on, then little man came home sick Tuesday.  He's still sick today.  We actually had a break though.  Friday was fine.  Jaemin felt fine.  Kaelin and I went to a vision check Saturday and grocery shopping.  Found out her astigmatism changed, so she needs new glasses and mine did too.  My vision is much worse in my left eye now.  He said it was a quite a change from the last two visits, so good thing I'm getting my physical soon to check my glucose.  He asked if I was diabetic, but I do worry just a little since it's on both sides.  Kaelin and decided to get some paint while we shopped.  We got some white for the laundry room, violet for my bathroom and some kind bluish greenish color for the kitchen.  It's been 10+ years since we painted that navy in the kitchen .  I'm so ready for something new.

When we got home and unloaded the groceries then started in our painting since Brian had the laundry room taped off and ready to go.  About 1/2 way into the two room project (we worked on the laundry and bath at the same time), Jaemin started crying.  He doesn't cry often.  He said his arms, hurt, his throat hurt, etc.  I gave him a warm bath thinking he would feel better, but then he got kinda lethargic.  I dressed him and took him to bed and put my laptop in there with a movie, but then he started grabbing the back of his head and crying.  He had a temp by then too.  I gave him some motrin, but he just kept crying.  He slept for just a bit and then was suddenly fine.  Since he'd had a fever earlier in the week and threw up, I thought he may have strep since he now had the sore throat.  We had a bottle of azythromycin for him from the trip to Korea.  I put the liquid in and mixed it up and gave it to him.  A few hours later he perked up.  He still couldn't swallow very well so he wouldn't eat, but we got him to drink and eat an ice pop.  We gave him more motrin and I took him to bed with me.  He moaned a lot and then woke up about 12:30am crying in pain again.  This time he wouldn't swallow the motrin.  He just spit it out and cried.  I took him to the ER and luckily they took him right back since he wasn't communicating and were only there for a couple of hours.  They got some tylenol down him, juice and an ice pop.  The strep was negative, but it could have been the antibiotic.  They sent us home and told us to keep a close eye on him and if he wasn't feeling pretty darn good by Monday he needs blood tests.  He doesn't have any of the big symptoms, but they do want to rule out Kawasaki even though it's rare.  Tonight, he's doing slightly better.  His fever's not coming back anymore, but we're also keeping him on tylenol and motrin because his neck was still hurting tonight....which makes you worry about meningitis.  We'll see how tonight goes and how he seems in the morning.  Brian's going to stay home to paint the kitchen, but I may stay with Jaemin too.  We'll see how he does tonight and feels tomorrow.  I feel so bad for him.

I'm not feeling terrific now myself.  Pretty sure I have a sinus infection and it's massive.  I felt fine until after the vision check.  He did some extra tests with me because of the significant changes and it left me with a headache that hasn't gone away.

Hoping this week is a whole LOT better.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 Pics

We finally got the kids out so I could take pictures.  I always have loftier ideas than how they turn out, but with 5, you take what you get. These are my favorites of them all. 


Tribute to Duck Dynasty (Robertson Clan)

Yes, the family are big fans.  Love this family.  Hope my kids are as close when they grow up.

Over the past year or so, the kids have acquired a Ducky Dynasty shirt each.  We thought since there was actually a commonality in their wardrobe, we'd incorporate it into the portraits I took today.

Before and After Braces

Cole got his off this week, so I thought I'd post the difference it made for him.  They look really good!  No more jagged teeth on the bottom, no more cross-bite in the back and no more overbite.

Monday, October 14, 2013


by Fleas!

Thankfully, I think the ones we've found inside have been carried in by all of us, but still....ick!  In all these years of outside animals, we've never been full of fleas, but the beagles came to us with fleas 2 years ago and I think it just keep growing from there.  We moved their kennel outside and found the ground covered with fleas.  You could hear them jumping.  Gross!  They're running loose right now while we try to kill the fleas in the yard.  I've tried borax, bleach, Hartz spray and some Hot Shot powder.  If we can kill the eggs, then maybe, but we have to do that first.  I'm hoping the spray today will do that.  If you step into that 10 x 10 area your feet will be covered.  I checked the kennel where it's been moved to and so far nothing.  Chase and Kaelin gave all 3 dogs a flea bath and sprayed the cat yesterday.  I ordered some more drops,  even though we've kept drops on them all summer, some pills and some garlic pills.  I sprayed the downstairs today since it's the only carpet in the house; just in case.  If we can get a handle on that spot outside, the dogs will keep stuff on year round.  In my research I found out fleas can kind of hibernate which means the winter really does nothing to them.  We just have to kill them.  I need to save to have a professional spray next summer than maybe we won't have spiders either.  The bad things about living this close to the woods is you're going to have bugs, mice, snakes and all kinds of vermen, but it doesn't make me feel any better.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dear Lord

I have quietly prayed and asked for help.  I'm hoping that somehow you hear me now.  I will say no details because you know my heart and what I need.  Please answer my prayers.