Thursday, December 31, 2009

Whew! Thought our tv was broke

We just go a little 19" flat screen last year for the bedroom when our 15 year old finally went off and wouldn't come back on.  I was sick in bed Monday all day and the tv shut off on it's own.  Then Brian was sick in bed yesterday and he told me it did the same thing to him.  I was stressin' a bit thinking, great one more thing to break...where's my receipt.  So I googled first and found that there could be a menu option to cause this.  Sure enough there was something for inactivity for 3 hours.  Good to know we've just now discovered this after almost a year.  Shows how much we actually watch tv in there.

Mental note to self.  Always google before stressing and flipping out too much.  I know this, but sometimes forget.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Status of the post Christmas illnesses

Real quick before I turn in early....

It's been a rough few days.  Jaemin is getting better, but still feeling a little run down and icky.  His nose is yucky, has 3 teeth coming in, is fighting a sinus infection and hopefully getting over pneumonia associated with influenza B.  I ended up with a BAD stomach virus late Sunday night and was in bed ALL day yesterday.  That is the worse I'd felt in quite a long time.  I couldn't move at all and never did.  I felt a little better today and a lot better tonight.  My stomach is starting to recover.  Chelsi woke up last night crying and I took her into my room.  She had a fever and was moaning within a couple of hours.  So this morning we called in the Tamiflu for influenza B since she'd been coughing and just started the fever.  She's been quite a bit better tonight, but we're afraid it may not necessarily be over since Jaemin's kind of went and then came back hard.

We're usually a little more careful with her than the others when a fever is involved after her seizure last year.  We give her meds and try to keep her completely under control.  So far, so good.  I'm just glad I'm feeling better so I can hold my Jaemin again.  That was pure torture when I was lucid enough to realize.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

The verdict is in

We went to the doctor this morning and were in the ER by nightfall.

Jae has influenza B.  That's good in that it's not A, which means it's not swine flu, though I still think that's what he had in September when he last had pneumonia.  Bad in that apparently every time he gets the flu he also gets pneumonia.  They said they heard something tonight in the ER and the film is showing a little infiltrate.  Funny thing is he tested negative at the doctor this morning, but was showing positive tonight in the ER.  We went because he just kept getting worse.  Poor Jaemin just couldn't knock his temp down.  We were rotating and everything and within 4 hours of meds he'd be back at 104, under the arm,  no matter what we did.  I called the doctor and she agreed it was just too high.

My poor baby has done nothing but sleep and cry.  I could tell he just was hurting somewhere.  He'd cuddle into me every chance he got.  And, as usual, he oohs and aaahs every staff member he encounters at the hospital with his dashing, good looks.  He is pretty DARN handsome!  So now we're left to finish the zithromax for pneumonia and just wait out the flu.  We'll have to just continue with our rotation and watch him.  He should be just about through it at this point, but we won't know until it's gone, gone.  And hopefully no one else in the house gets it.  Brian hasn't been feeling well today, so the doctor wrote him a script for meds and said if he feels like a train wreck within 24 hours he can take the meds otherwise it's pretty much too late.  He said they no longer treat the family prophylactically for influenza.

So here's to better days for my sweet baby boy!


Merry Christmas 2009

It was a good Christmas even though Jaemin remained sick through most of it.  He's still sick today.  He was actually better for Christmas Day and then late last night his temp came back.  I took him to the doctor today and they said it was just a really bad sinus infection ( 103 degree temp).  So he's on round 2 of antibiotics and she gave him a nose spray so he can breath.  He's not struggling with his lungs, so no neb or anything thank goodness!  But, my boy still enjoyed his first Christmas.

Christmas Eve was a little weird.  Since little man was still running a decent temp I insisted Brian and the other 4 go to his grandparents as planned.  They made a short trip there and came back a couple of hours later.  Jaemin and I ran to Wendy's for Christmas Eve dinner and I just held him; which is pretty much all I had done for the past 3 days.  Santa came while we went to Wendy's, so when Brian and the kids got home we had presents to open.

The boys came upstairs and Cole stood there and stared at Santa's gifts he'd left.  See, at our house, Santa doesn't wrap.  He just leaves them in birth order with name tags on each item.  I asked Cole what was wrong and he said he just couldn't believe it.  I asked what.  He said  he couldn't believe Santa really brought Guitar Hero and one for each of them....the two big boys.  The big boys also each got a game; dominoes and a little dice game.  They also each got a watch.  The girls each got an MP3 player, in pink of course.  Kaelin also got a card game and a watch.  Chelsi also got a card game.  The 3 older ones found silly string in their stockings to play with this summer.  Jaemin got 2 books, a stacking toy and a mega block truck.  The kids LOVED their Santa gifts.  Chelsi's MP3 player had Toes and Chicken Fry already loaded.  Her two favorite songs, so she really thought Santa "knows" her.

Mom and dad gave Cole a KU hat and Bass Pro card, Chase got mom's old camera and a football, Kaelin got zubber, Chelsi got a microphone, Little Pony and Little Pony movie and Jaemin got a baby baseball and tee.  The kids were in absolute Heaven with their loot.  Really it was the least expensive Christmas ever since grandma found the Guitar Heroes at Sam's for under $20 including the guitars and games and MP3s were under $20 too.  We may have spent $60 on the most expensive child.  Thank goodness our children are pretty simple.  I realize just how simple after hearing one of the nephews brag, at age 8, about getting a plasma tv in his room for Christmas.

But, this is not where our kids' Christmas ended.  They stayed up until 10:00 just playing with all their new things on Christmas Eve.  Could hardly get them in bed that night.  Then, on Christmas Day Jaemin's fever was gone so we went to the grandparents for breakfast.  All together, everywhere else, Cole got a RC plane, MP3 speakers, Walmart gift card, hoodie, PS2 game, hat, gloves and thermal shirt, Chase got a RC helicopter, 2 sets of magnetix, PS2 game, hat, gloves, thermal shirt, 2 hoodies, a journal and a Bass Pro card, Kaelin got so much cute clothes it was unreal, snow boots, rings and necklace, Chelsi got a RC car, robe, travel aqua doodle, Strawberry Shortcake backpack, puzzle, Barbie, baby pony, I Spy sort of game, monkey rainboots, a wagon and Christmas ornament,  Jaemin got grandpa's handcrafted toybox, fridge farm toys, a wooden puzzle, a play camera, truck, a wagon and money for his savings account.  All 5 kids got Cardinals shirts as requested.  We went to grandmas for dinner on Christmas Day with the whole family.  Yummy food and the kids played hard!  I think they're all pretty worn out, but they all have so much to do now, it almost seems they don't know where to start.

I think our favorite (mom and dad) gifts were the Bass Pro card and Kohls cards.  It's nice to feel like we can spend money on ourselves.  We generally don't.  Brian even saved his aluminum money and bought me a $50 Kohls card just for me.  It was really sweet considering we had put a $20 limit on what we were to buy each other.  He got me some headphones for my new MP3 player (from mother in law) and I got him MP3 speakers for his old MP3 player so he could listen at work.   One of my favorites are the new kitchen rags we got.  I was so tired of looking at the holy rags I had that were unraveling. And my new digital picture frame  LOVE IT!

I'm so thankful for my kids.  We may not have a lot of money to spend, but we have happy healthy kids that love their Christmas's no matter what.  They always think they're the best and I'm glad to have those kinds of kids.


The wagon for the littles, from grandpa

Playstation game, hats, gloves and thermals for the big boys from grandpa.

The coveted KU hat for Cole, from mom and dad.

Zubber for Kaelin, from mom and dad.

Stacking toy for Jaemin.

Snow boots and jewelry for Kaelin, from grandpa.

Guitar Hero (Legends of Rock and Aerosmith) for the big boys.

Chelsi's MP3 player from Santa and building her puzzle from great grandma.

Chase's first camera, mom's old, but good one.

Look at all the Cardinal's shirts.

Chelsi had to use her new doctor's kit on daddy.

Jaemin found his belly, which was very full.

Going through sissy's backpack.

Jaemin and cousin A, eating monster cookies.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Checking off our adoption list/Baby Update for Christmas Illness

Adoption decree....done.....this makes Jaemin a US citizen, officially and legally our son, and changes his name (which we opted to keep his Korean name as his first name)

Birth certificate.....done.....Brian went with the adoption decree and picked up the birth certificate today.

Next, we'll go to SSA and get a new social security card in his new name (with our last name), so it will match on taxes.  And after we get our tax refund in 2010 I'll have the extra $500 to pay for the Certificate of Citizenship.  Yeah, that's a lot of money, but in order for them (the government) to officially change his status from legal resident to US citizen we do this.  It's better to cross all your t's and dot your i's while they're little and it's easy then when they are older and you have regrets for not completing everything possible.  After this we are completely done with every piece of paperwork possible!

I now have 5 little US issued birth certificates which will allow all of my children almost all of the same rights.  I won't even go into the ones our Korean-borns won't have 'cause it's kind of a sore point with most adoptive parents of internationally born children.

And, btw, my little man is still sick.  Not much on Christmas Eve I believe.  He's still got a slight temp and is a little crabby.  He mostly just wants mommy, so I literally sit for hours just holding him.  And he is sleeping in his toddler bed like such a big boys!  Now that he's in there he realized it's not so bad because before he goes to sleep mommy can crawl in with him and lay by him.  He does like that.  He just rubs my face and arm while I lay by him.  So SWEET!

Can you believe this is the same little guy who completely rejected me just a few months ago.  He's trusting us now.  That's a lot.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Please give him a good Christmas

My poor baby is sick......again.  Hopefully, nothing major.  He started running a fever this evening and it progressively got higher, to 102.5, when I finally gave him some ibuprofen.  Brian ran to the pharmacy to refill some azithromycin.  He seems to chronically get these little sinus and airway problems like Chase did as a baby.  I swear it was every month with him and it is with Jae too.  I just pray he's not sick for Christmas.  His fever is warm enough to give him the really bright red cheeks since he's flush. He coughed up snot this morning (gross I know), but no fever, so I wasn't sure he was really sick.  He coughs a lot....poor baby.

My poor baby was sick on his first birthday, please don't let him be sick on his first Christmas with us.  I've been looking so forward to Christmas this year because of him.  Please make my baby boy better.


YUM! sigeumchi namul

We had spinach side dish with sticky rice as our supper tonight.  We ate an aweful lot for lunch after finalization (Chinese) and were still pretty full at supper time, so we just made a light supper.  It was really good!  And for dessert we had Lois' Christmas cookies.  :)


Wahooo!!! It's forever and official!

He's ours forever and ever.  I'm so glad to be done.  Only the certificate of citizenship to go, but I can do that at my leisure this Spring.  I'm just so happy that he's officially Jaemin William Park *******.  The judge and attorneys signed Jaemin's Happy Adoption Day book like they did with the girls too.  That was great.  She said we're still the only ones to ever have brought that book in for this.  She liked the idea.

He seemed to almost know what was going on all morning.  He's been all smiles all day.  Just happy with everything including the car ride, which is not normally him.  I could just look at him and he would smile real big for me.  When they say he's our responsibility forever now it just fills me with happiness because if we're responsible for him then he IS ours and we just love him so much!

What a happy day!  What a blessed mother I AM!!!!!!!!!

On the way to eat after court.

On the way home from everything.  Our newest American citizen was tired and so was big sis'.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Goofy bunnies

The girls wanted their picture taken since I was messing with the camera.  I told them to give each other bunny ears, assuming they both knew what that meant since big brothers do it all the time.  Well, apparently, Kae knew what it meant and she gave bunny ears, but Chelsi gave them to herself.

Too cute!

What a beautiful girl!


This is Jaemin's newest.  He's been shaking his shoulders and saying "uhuh" when he doesn't want something, but he really doesn't answer when it's yes.  Tonight, I asked him if he wanted to eat and he just looked at me.  I asked him to tell me yes and he, as big as he could, nodded.  Now when you ask a question he very honestly answers with either a huge nod or shaking his entire body for no.

He's is so funny.


Oh my...

My first born is at his first school dance.  I can't believe it.  He actually asked to go.  He didn't do a date or anything which is fine with me seeing as he's only in 7th grade.  I forced him to take pictures with mom first.  He wasn't thrilled, but that was what it cost him to go.  :)  I'm shocked he actually wanted to go.  Brian said there were a couple of his classmates getting dropped off right before and after him without dates as well, so that's good.  They can just hang out for a bit.

This is the first time he's gone somewhere completely away from both of us and not with another family member either.  So weird to think he's that old already.  Hope he has a great time tonight!

The good and the bad of the day....

Bad news first because it's fairly short.  We got new puppies almost 2 weeks ago.  One was a little awkward when walking and we kind of wondered if there wasn't something neurologically wrong.  He seemed really weak.  Anyways, yesterday the boys found him dead in his house.  The other puppy is much bigger and was always fine.  But, suddenly late last night he started vomiting and diarrhea and could barely walk.  Looked like the symptoms of parvo.  By 4 am he was gone too.  They must have come to us with it already.  It's so sad as the boys take that kind of loss pretty hard.  They were the cutest little beagle pups too.

The good news, or should I say memory, for today is that today is 4 years since we found out about Miss Chelsi.  We didn't see her picture for another day, but just the little we knew about her we knew she was ours and we wanted her.  I cannot believe that has been 4 years.  She's a perfect little girl and we had an amazing Christmas that year.  It was the first time ever that we could say we were having a baby at Christmas and mom put her picture on the fridge for Christmas Day for everyone to see.  So she was introduced to the entire family on Christmas Day 4 years ago too.  What a great year that was and what a great girl she is!  Love you Chels.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chelsi Faces

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So where are you on Christmas?

Other than one thing I have to wait on, I'm done, done, done!  As soon as Walmart ships and receives the rest of what grandpa bought, I can wrap that and be done with that too.  Tonight I had to stop there to get our groceries and toiletries and pick up our site-to-store of them.  I didn't realize how big the thing was!  Luckily, I folded down one of the van seats and shoved it in.  Then, poor, Brian had to put it in our closet until I get time to put it together before Christmas.  And after I put it together I still have to hide it 'til then.  This is grandpa's gift to my two littles.  I ordered one of those Radio Flyer wagons with the foldable handle and seatbelts and cup their own little car.  I'm hoping it will come in handy on trips to the zoo and such instead of carrying them.  They're both getting to heavy, but Chelsi's short little legs just don't go very far very fast and Jaemin is still pretty wobbly on the walking.

This ought to be fun to put together, huh?


Word of the Day: Erupt

I'm going to start a new category titled "Word of the Day".  From now on when the kids use words a little incorrectly, I'm going to post it under this category and explain how they used it.  'Cause it's always funny!

Tonight's word is erupt.  As in "Kaelin you're erupting me".  This was when Chelsi was reading her book tonight and apparently,  Kaelin was whispering in her ear as she read.  This was "interrupting" Chelsi's reading.

Of course, this from the girl who, earlier tonight, asked daddy if "buttmunch" was a bad word.  Dad politely explained that it's not BAD, but it's something nice girls should say.   To which she promptly replied "mommy says it".  I admit it....I do.  There's worse, right?


Monday, December 7, 2009

What a nice day for mommy and son

Our attorney called me at work and gave us a court date to finalize J.  So, right before Christmas we should have him a legal member of our family.  While, some would argue that he was already a member of our family when we met, it's true.  But, there is an indescribable feeling you get when someone who is appointed to uphold the law prounounces you legally your child's family with all the rights and privileges that come along with it.  Just hearing them say that we must agree " to love him as our own", etc., etc. is a very emotional moment.  I have never gotten teary when my 3 youngest arrived.  But, put me in that court room I get teary eyed every time the judge has set the gavel down with this decision.  I love finalization day and it IS important to me.

Tonight, J wouldn't let me out of his sight for some reason.  Maybe he knew and sensed how happy mommy was feeling because of that call?  I put him on my back, in the Ergo, so I could do dishes and he was as content as can be.  He usually wants Cole to come get him and take him downstairs to play, but this time he was content with mommy.

Later we were sitting around and I asked him if he wanted his socks on and he very clearly said "uh uh" and shook his whole body no.  I asked him another question that I knew he would say yes to and he very purposefully nodded yes.  Every time I asked him if he wanted socks on he would shake his whole body.  So much so, that I had to video it because it was so cute and definitely something I always want to remember.

How could I possibly have been blessed so much to have this child in my life and having the amazing and awesome privilege of being his mother.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

SAHM vs. Working Mom

Age old discussion, that on some boards become more than a discussion.  I shouldn't really say age old since the dawn of working moms isn't really that old in the scheme of things.  Though I think even back when a working mother was not common it existed out of necessity.  Wars, single parenting etc. made it a must.  Then you had a women's movement when feminists pushed it further to make it more of a right for women to choose to work and not necessarily do it out of necessity for the family.

Granted there are lots of women in the world who choose career and work because they need to and want to.  I don't mean need as in they will be on welfare without, I mean need for their soul and identity.  Yes, I believe this is a feeling women have, but I am not one of those.  I am a work out of necessity mom/woman.  When I am at work, I work hard and put out all effort to earn my pay, but when I'm home, I'm home and work doesn't need to exist.  I don't have the greatest paying job either, but it's enough for the bills and allows me to be with my family when I need to without feeling major guilt, so fairly low stress, when you consider the importance of family.

Would I be SAHM if I could....sure.  I would LOVE to work part-time to have both worlds, but that isn't possible.  We would have to have no house payment or anything in order to afford it and that's just not possible.  Our house payment isn't even $1,000 so we're not one of those maxed out families please don't think we're just living above our means like a lot of America.

We all make these decisions with what we have to work with in life, not necessarily what we want.  However, we go on and make the best of what we have.  The thing that bugs the crap out of me is when you get on any sort of mommy board you will find mostly SAHMs....which is fine in and of itself.  BUT, if I hear (read) one more time about how they chose to stay home no matter the sacrifice because "raising" their own child is best or similar statements I'm going to blow and speak my mind.  I get tired of some thinking that every working mom chooses it and actually has that choice.  When, in reality, I personally know they are the wife of a business owner, doctor, lawyer, etc. and I know they're just fine.

First of all, "I" am raising my children working or not.  We decide what to do with them and how to raise them and no one else does.  Yes they go to daycare, but it's not that long in the day, any longer than a school day, and we make the decisions that impact them.  And when the end of the day arrives WE spend every second with our children.  We don't hire babysitters and go out or ship them off to grandmas (though they'd probably like that if we did).  We want every second with them that we can get since we don't have the option to stay at home.  We make the best of our situation.

So, be thankful if you're able to stay at home.  Because some of us already have as little as you can, we don't have a cleaning lady to cut and a $40 cable bill isn't going to allow me to stay home either.  No loans, other than house, so what's left?  And please quit cutting at working moms!  Please quit making hurtful comments that boost your own ego making you feel like the best mom in the world.  We're all doing the best we can!

If you are a SAHM that doesn't make these comments and does feel thankful, and I know plenty exist, please ignore.  This is aimed at specific comments I've read all too often over the past years on boards I'm a part of.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

My new ornament

Since the big boys had "my first Christmas" ornaments I decided Jae needed one too.  I loved this one right away.  It looks like my baby boy....don't ya think?