Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that

Finally had a chance to get all of my pictures off the camera.  Had to get a new computer because my 2 year old Dell completely crashed right down to the motherboard.  Dell pretty much bites.  Called them, everything and they will not respond.  That's a long story for another time, but when someone buys an extended warranty and asks for help from the warrantor they really should help before the stinkin' computer crashes permanently!  Thanks Brandon for rescuing all of our pictures and videos that were locked up in the piece of junk!

Onto Christmas.  We had a great one!  A little too busy for Chelsi though.  It threw her way off and she's been a bit moody since.  It didn't help that for New Year's Eve we went to Jay and Shannons and stayed 'til almost 3 am.  The kids were good enough to crash in various places throughout the house while the adults talked all night.  We did get a lot more time with Brandon than usual and Chelsi really liked that.

Here are the pictures from the last weeks.

Right after church at Grandpa's on Christmas Eve.

The kids with some of their favorites from Grandpa.

Princess Kaelin.

Domestic Diva (Um, I mean Princess Chelsi).

Play ball!

What every boy/girl this age wanted.....anything High School Musical 2!

Happy, happy girl!

Playing tea party late Christmas Eve (Kae's present from Grandma).

And New Year's Eve....the first two to poop out on the coat bed.

A few hours later.  Chase is in there too.


 Making Christmas presents for teachers in early December.