Thursday, May 19, 2016

2 more months

have passed.....

Volleyball and track are over.  Chase's foot, hopefully has healed.  Almost a month in the boot, finally got his new orthotics Monday.  Hopefully, they will provide enough support for all the running he does on his growing body.  He did get to run 2 regular meets and somehow got into districts.  That's all the further he made it, but pretty proud of him for going to every practice hurt not knowing if he'd really get to run.  He's turned 16 and gotten his license. He has a job interview in June, so hopefully, this goes well.  I'd like to see him work as much as possible this summer and save up so he won't have to work much during the school year and focus on his grades.  He is still dating the girl that asked him to the school dance.  We all like her.  She's very smart and very friendly.  They seem to get along great.  She may be changing schools, so who knows.  Kaelin did very well in track.  She ended up getting a track medal from the coach (in addition to the medals from the meets) for being the most improved.  This was mostly because she is the only 7th grade girl who volunteered to run hurdles and she improved her time every singe time even though she's never done anything like that and at 5'1" I doubt it's easy for her.  She also got a hustle medal for volleyball at the school banquet.  She put it all out there at every practice and every game.  She always got there.  She finished the semester just 3 percentage points from getting a 4.0.  I'm extremely proud of her for her grades.  She's never been my kid with the highest grades, but this year she pulled it all out and worked SO hard.  I know she can do anything she wants.  Chelsi finished 2 points away from a 4.0 for the semester and got a 4.0 for the 1st semester.  She graduated from elementary and is onto middle school.  Her teachers and little brother will miss her.  She has introduced me to a lot of parents as she's very popular with the parents.  I hope she continues to be a good girl.  Jaemin improved all of his grades.  He continues to read at almost 3rd grade level.  Chelsi comprehends post secondary!  Jaemin however has continued to make great strides.  His teacher sent me a very kind, end of year, email to say how much she has enjoyed him and though his flapping began to get worse she can see how hard he works and how much progress he has made.  He is really getting his words and thoughts out now.  It's so amazing sometimes to hear him speak.  He's understanding better without always having to watch others.  His therapies are doing good so hopefully they allow them to continue with his IEP.  We've been lucky to have a district that does this for him so willingly.  He doesn't actually qualify, but they've seen what's done so far and continue on a professional opinion.

We had the last day of school and afterward I took them out to eat, to the movies and for ice cream.  They're tired and it was good.  I hope they have a great summer.  They've had a really good year.