Wednesday, April 29, 2015

School Daze

Too little time.  I finally cleaned the photos off my phone.  Jaemin really had a great time on his field trip.  He mostly hung out with K who is part Korean....funny how they just clicked. I also cleaned off the picture of Jae and his teacher at the awards banquet we went to with her.  Onto 1st grade in just a few weeks.

 Jaemin and his crew.
 He touched a snake.
 My baby and I after we lunched together.

Best picture Jaemin has ever taken.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Guess I'm behind again!

I really have been SO busy.  There are very few hours in a week that we're home without something that needs done or we're not home at all.  I dread football AND volleyball.  Gymnastics and volleyball have been hard weight lifting mornings and track afternoons.  Still less running than we'll have in the fall.  But, the kids can only be young once!


And tonight, Chelsi's class did their Spring program to Disney.  They all could either wear dress clothes or Disney costumes.  We still had Pocahontas sitting around.  We got tons of compliments!
She is pretty great.