Saturday, June 28, 2008

Time for a Change

We have gone from Then Came Two Boys and Two Girls to Life in the Parent Lane. 

I feel like the previous title was more for when we were in family transition....adding kids and such, but now we're in a 'we're done' phase and onto parenting.  No concentrations on adoptions and babies, just normal parental life or what we hope will be.  You'd think we'd know after 11 years, but it's an ever changing job.

What one kid doesn't have happen, decide to try or the likes thereof, one of the other three will.  If it hasn't happened yet, I'm fairly certain most things (normal childhood anyways) will.

So, since, I'd been veering this way for awhile, I thought it would be good to change the title to fit.


The Three Bears song by Kaelin and Chelsi

Kaelin and Chelsi singing the "Three Bears" song in Korean

This is kind of a Korean nursery rhyme that someone was nice enough to post on youtube with the words (Korean) spelled out so that I could learn it and teach the girls. Chelsi now starts singing it all the time.....mostly in the shower. LOL!


Friday, June 13, 2008

My lesson for the day

We get to take classes every so often at work, so today I took one on attitudes.  It doesn't just focus on the workplace, but home too. 

I realized today that I didn't handle the stuff that happened this year as badly as I first thought.  I'm sure some close to me might judge on the days that were bad when I was in a bad mood with everything going on at once, but if any one of those people put themselves in my place for just a second, I don't think they'd be so judgemental.  I know there are people who have been or are going throughg more harsh times than what we've been through this year.  I remember that when something happens and remember how blessed I am that it's not worse.  Regardless of what others close to me think, on my bad days, I'm allowed a bad day here and there.  I'm allowed to be a little grouchy the day after my youngest baby has a seizure and scares the crap out of me.  I'm allowed a little slack.  Give it to me!

All in all, I was scared through all of it; Brian's accident, Cole's appendectomy (a little) and Chelsi's seizure, I handled it well.  I tried my best to keep the positive thoughts coming through as the scary ones kept creeping into my conscious.  I reminded myself daily how lucky I was.  When Brian was paralyzed, I reminded myself he was still here.  When he could walk and not move his hands, I reminded myself he could walk and most can't.  I'm not perfect, I know that.  However, the person probably hardest on me, is me.  I don't allow myself any give.  So, when others make comments to make me feel weak through this, it makes it that much harder on me.  I come down even harder on myself.  Shame on me for not believing in myself and my strength. 

I'm glad we had this class today.  I needed to see this in myself.  I need to be able to relax and not think I'm always wrong in the way I handle life. 

So, if you're reading this and a friend or family member of yours is or has gone through some rough times and they were a little on edge (sometimes to say the least), don't judge them until you've realistically put yourself in their place.  Give them some space and some room to feel the way they feel.  We all deserve that.  It might be your turn some time down the will you handle it?


More pictures from Florida

Since I had left the batter to my camera at the condo the day we went to Sea World I was dependent on mom and Megan for some of our pictures.  Here are some of the ones from Megan.

The girls while mom, dad, Chase and Cole road Journey to Atlantis.

This kids getting to pet the dolphins in Dolphin Cove.

I even got to pet them.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Awe baby, I love you too

I was trying to organize our photos now that I have so many to put away from vacation.  I've been needing to do it for awhile, but time never allows, so I'm doing it in increments.

I was sitting on the floor going through the pictures and Chelsi walks up to me, hugs me and says "mommy I love you so much".  I think that is the sweetest thing any of my kids can do or say.  She just wanted to say it.  She is my little angel, without a doubt.

One very lucky mommy, Lisa