Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

The kids made a HAUL!  Since there was a football game tonight people were trying hard to get rid of their candy (us included).  I'm going to stop buying more than 1 bag of candy to give out because we only get enough for about a 1/2 a bag.  But, Jaemin finally got into it and had fun.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins....not so scary

We opted for painted pumpkins for the little kids this year since I end up carving anyways.  We still had some fingerpaints, so I figured that's about as good as it gets and they could make as much of a mess as they wanted to since they're washable.  Jaemin didn't really care for the end result of a mess on his hands and wanted them washed as soon as he was done.  Chase didn't do the elaborate bass picture on his pumpkin that he did last year, but he still decided to carve one.  I didn't help at all this time.

Close your eyes and sleep

Jaemin was doing his typical flapping and fidgeting in bed at naptime.  I stopped and told him to close his eyes like I always do.  He put his hands over his eyes like he always does.  But, this time he fell asleep that way.  So cute. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

How do you deal with 5 kids and a fulltime job?

I get comments about working fulltime and having 5 kids all the time.  Trust me I don't love to work, it's a necessity if we want to pay our bills and keep our modest home to live in.  I'm also not a perfect mother, but I do try to do my best. 

One thing we do try to do is make a menu.  It helps tremendously if you have a menu to shop by so nothing goes to waste.  So, we try to make a list of about 5 things for the next several days that consist of a couple of fairly simple to make meals (aka quick) and some more extensive ones.  This keeps us out of the boring rut we sometimes get into leaving no one wanting to eat because dinner is BORING.  Plus, before work we can have something thawing so it's that much easier to start dinner when you walk in the door after work.  Of course, during the week this is Brian's job since he is home the earliest.  I take the menu on the weekends.  This past week we had sausage/broccoli pasta, enchilada casserole, teriyaki chicken, parmesan chicken and a couple of other yummy meals.  We like to load them with miscellaneous veggies and the kids eat them right the recipe or not.

Another thing I do is my job at work.  While there is something to be said about the stress lack of money can cause, there is also stress in stressful jobs that no matter how much you try not to bring it home you do....just because you may hate your job.  I don't love my job as in I'd rather not work...duh, but I don't hate my job.  I'm appreciated and though because of who my employer is I can't be compensated with monetary rewards my supervisor openly appreciates me, trusts me and gives me job satisfaction with all of this.  There was another job that was possibly going to be coming up soon (hasn't yet) that the person over it has been talking with me about me looking into it.  I really had seriously considered it because it was working with something I currently do and one of my favorite pieces of my job.  I thought that would be perfect; a huge raise and doing more of what I enjoy if I have to be there anyways.  I recently was put on a project with some folks in that area and realized that it's not what I thought.  Because of the way they run things it wouldn't be working with what I thought and I think there would definitely be personality conflicts.  After a remark that was made this week by a potential coworker I realized it's not worth that.  It's not worth hating who I work with, possibly getting belittled on a daily basis when I do know what I'm doing and allowing someone else to possibly take credit for my work.  I may not have money left after paying our bills, but at least I don't have extra headache and stress.  Money's overrated when it brings on extra stress.

So, yeah, moms CAN work and be present for their kids, but if you don't make the best use of your time, organize and prioritize (just like at work) and keep a job that minimizes stress, not maximizes it, you may not enjoy your life too much.  Life has it's ups and downs, but I do enjoy it because I enjoy my kids and I don't know that I would if I had all this stress I was bringing home and flying around by the seat of my pants.

It's all good....even when it's not.  Keep telling yourself on bad kids days...."as long as we have each other and our health".  I remind myself of this a lot.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Anthony Robles on Ellen

I saw that he was a wrestle and had Cole run upstairs to watch.  Anthony seems like such a well-rounded, mature young man with great advice!  He said everything I've said to Cole a million times every time he's been bullied or dismayed because of his heart condition.  When Anthony said he didn't begin wrestling until his freshman year it was perfect for Cole to hear this kid started late too and really exceeded his dreams because he motivated himself, didn't feel sorry for himself and pushed himself daily without letting 'challenges become excuses'.  Perfect advice!  I hope this young mans gets so much in life.

Next therapy

We asked the school to take a look at Jaemin again this year, since it's been a whole year and his delays can get bigger as he ages and that's when he's finally qualify for therapy.  We didn't ask for a formal evaluation, but just to check in on him.  The OT came in while he was in speech and agreed he's very weak in his upper and core and that's affecting his ability to grasp a writing utensil hard enough to really control the writing.  She asked that we have him do more tummy time to color, more exercise, more of the same we were already doing. 

We've also been in contact with Holt International USA because they currently have a 1 1/2 year old boy waiting for a family that sounds exactly like Jaemin and they're unable to diagnose as well.  They said they would let us know if Korea or his new family (when he's matched) finds a diagnosis so we can at least have something to look into.

For now, we're back to more brushing therapy, more pushups, bear crawls, etc.  He HATES it!  I did buy him the color wonder markers so he could lay on the rug in the living room and color and he thinks those are pretty cool.  But last night he was in one of his moments where he couldn't stay still and they ended up being thrown around the room. I brushed him hoping that would help, but not a lot.  So, I asked one of the coaches for kids club wrestling if Jaemin could participate in practice even though he's a year shy of old enough.  I'm thinking that he could find a it fun to exercise with other kids around.  Hopefully, this in combination with getting him a ball to sit on will help.  I agreed that if he got in the way of practice we would discontinue, but it's still feels worth it to try.  He's so energetic so hopefully this will be a good fit.  I never had intentions of getting him into sports SO young, but if it's for his greater good and a form of therapy seems like it's worth trying.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I hope the bad grape didn't spoil the bunch

We just got handed our playoff team and it's the team that the kid on our team kneed the kid on their team.  After watching that lady confront one of our boys (not even the boy who did it) I'm nervous of what kind of antics they could pull because they're mad and it's so fresh.  What if the refs think our whole team is bad because of this kid?  I knew it was none of my business as to what the coaches did to punish the culprit, but now I really do want to know that they at least made him apologize to the kid and the other team; if only to protect the rest of our boys.  We still deserve to win Wednesday and hope we do.  We almost one that one and it was SOOOO close.  The kid who did it won't get to play that night and hopefully we can pull it out this time.  It would make the boys feel so good.  Praying for the boys right now.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Last Game

We're done with the last game of the regular 2012 season.  However, we now are in the playoffs and since we're not ranked too high we have an away game at night, during the week.  That's going to kinda stink, but I want to go watch what could be their last game.  I really love games like today.  When they're pretty much blowouts you get to see kids play that don't typically get to play as much or in Chase's case he gets to play offense a bit instead of defense.  He didn't make any touchdowns, but he got some yardage for them and broke an almost tackle on his way.  He says he almost had an interception on defense, but when he jumped up his shoe came off.  The referee was pretty much laughing at him.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Time's flying

I'm not exactly saying when you're having fun, but nevertheless it's going by very quickly.

Kaelin got the Responsibility Character award this month.  Very proud that my girls are such good citizens in school.  Responsibility surprised the two of us since she's a tad flighty, but hey, maybe she's different in school.  YAY!

Chase and Cole had their orthodontic visit and Chase decided to do away with the green bands and he went with pink and black.  I talked him into pink for Breast Cancer Awareness and then he decided black too.  Looks good and the boy isn't afraid to sport pink!

Everything else is just coming along.  We're still waiting on Cole to get all Bs so we can give him his cell back, give him his letter jacket and he can have a little more freedom.  One test and the progress set him back.  He was on the tippy top of that C when his College Prep Chemistry test got the better of him.  I guess he better learn some better study habits.  He's not very good at that yet since he's never really studied before.  Tough lesson to learn as a sophomore for sure.

Jaemin's speech is really coming along.  He still really struggles with certain letters and sounds, but his sentences are slowly getting longer, more complete and more understandable.  Glad his therapy is helping.  Now, we get to start doing more OT exercises at home.  The school's OT checked on his light pencil grip and is planning to give us a list of exercises we can try doing with him to strengthen his upper body (arms and core).  She's suggesting an exercise ball he can sit on and watch tv, like adults use.  So that's our next purchase.  He's getting more patient and willing, so I think his therapy is helping him along.  I can see progress....slowly, but surely.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Who done it?

Saturday's game was rough in multiple ways.  First, it was a ranked team and we're, well, so-so.  We had a chance and were just not handed the upper-hand.  First they shorted us 1 minute in each of the first 2 quarters.  Then, when there were close calls it was in 'their' favor.  But, we were still rising above until the end.  You would think when the game was over, it would just be over.  We were proud of the boys for winning so close to team that good, but someone....supposedly kneed a kid on the other team in his boys.  The coaches were defending the boys to the other team and no one saw anything.  This boy was on the ground crying....very loudly.  He had also been crying very loudly (he was huge) every time he got blocked to the ground during the game, so hard to say if he was a little dramatic.  So, now the question is; who done it?  One woman from the other team came running and confronted one of our boys.  She was yelling and a really hateful woman.  Tonight the boys were questioned about who did it since no one from either team actually saw it.  Chase was in back of the boy that was accused by the woman so he said he knows he did not do it.  Some have their suspicions of who could have or may have.  Maybe the kid was upset he kept getting blocked by a smaller kid and this was his way of getting back at that kid (the kid who Chase knows did not do it)?  I do hope that IF the kid really did get hit the coaches find out.  That kid does NOT deserve to be on the team and ruin the reputation for the rest.  The one thing I DO know is that I don't have to worry about my kid.  I know every parent says it, but I truly 120% know Chase isn't even capable of it.  I told him tonight after practice how this incident made me realize how thankful I am to be his mom and never even have a doubt in my mind that it couldn't be him in a million years.  He hugged me so big and smiled.  I think it made him feel really good to know that I really believe in him.