Friday, May 30, 2008

This week in our house

Medically it's been quiet.....this week.  I won't speak for anytime for the rest of 2008.  'Cause who knows with the way it's been thus far.

 I just thought I'd try to be better about updating...especially the cute kid stuff....because who doesn't like a cute kid story.  So here are my stories for this week:

Chelsi found a nickel on the counter in my bathroom.  She says "mommy, I find monies".  I said "yes, and all money in this house is mine because I'm the mommy.".  She says "mommy you ARE right!".  Love this girl!  Earlier, she had a friend's daughter babysit.  She told her that the next day when she came over Chelsi was going to play games, eat, nap and fart!  Yeah apparently that's part of what she considers her daily routine.

Last night, Chase had his first game since returning from vacation (Cole's still out of commission 'til later next week).  Our friend was there with her youngest two and our youngest two hadn't seen them since before vacation.  Well, Benjamin and Kae get along pretty well.  All the sudden they walked off to go swing and Benjamin asked her to marry him.  8)  I asked him later if he asked my daughter to marry him and he just looked at me and said "yeah", like duh, of course I did.  Then later in the car I asked Kaelin if she was going to marry Benjamin and she said "no", but little sister was quick to announce she would.  :)

That's our funnies for the week.

Congratulations on retirement mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, May 26, 2008

Sad Day for Shaohannah’s Hope

I was sad to read, after returning from vacation, that Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter was killed.  The organization they set up has been so wonderful and giving to our family and many, many others.  I pray for this family while they grieve and hope they can get through this.

If you would like to donate (tax deductible) to this wonderful organization in memory of their sweet daughter, you can do so here:



Hmmmm.....there were relaxing times....I think.  :)

It was so hard to relax after all this year.  I was worried Cole would get his incisions too wet, then Chelsi had a febrile seizure and then Kaelin ended up with a temp.  We didn't really go outside two of the days since the girls had fevers.  We didn't want to chance them going up any.  We did get lots of great photos, although I left my camera battery charging the day we went to Sea World, so we have to rely on Meg and mom for those pictures.  I was pretty upset about that.

It was the evening of our Sea World visit that Chelsi had her first and hopefully only febrile seizure.  We stopped at Burger King just a few minutes from Sea World.  She wasn't really eating and she felt a little warm.  I kind of thought she might have a UTI again since she hadn't been wetting as many diapers....or it didn't seem like it since we'd left.  I figured we'd just give her some of the tylenol I'd brought after our 1 1/2 hour drive back to the condo.  A couple of minutes after pulling back onto the interstate Chase said Chelsi was doing something weird.  I looked back and knew exactly what it was, but watching your baby do it is horribly aweful!  I'd never actually seen one either and now that I have I can't say it would make it any better to see it again.  She seized (her entire body) for a few minutes.  We pull off the interstate at the next exit I could get and pulled into a church parking lot right of the exit.  Megan called 911 and they said it was only a few minutes later that the EMT's arrived.  It felt like forever to me.  She wasn't responding to us verbally or moving her body.  She would look at us when we talked to her, but it just didn't feel like she was there.  I fe3lt bad for Chase because I just started crying right in front of him.  I was so scared for my baby.  The EMT's took us to the Orlando hospital and talked to me during the drive to reassure me that we couldn't have done anything to help it or stop it.  They informed us what to do if it ever happens again.  We were there from about 7:30 to 11:30 or so.  I told them about her prior UTI's, so they checked that and did a chest xray.  UTI came up positive right away, so they started her on antibiotics and released us after her temp was under control.  It felt like forver to drive back to the condo.  Once we got back to Ormond, we still had to go to Walmart to get some ibuprofen to alternate with the tylenol to be sure her fever didn't spike.  We gave it to her regardless for the next day.  It was just under 106 at it's highest at the hospital!  I can't believe it, but Chelsi woke up singing the next morning.  She had no recollection, just like the doctors, nurses and EMT's said.  They were so nice there.  I'm just so relieved it's over and she's okay.  I don't care how normal it can be, it's scary as hell!

As for actual vacation, we did get lots of swimming in.  Not so much on the beach.  Chelsi got knocked by a wave the first evening and wanted nothing to do with it after that.  Chase kept getting a rash when he swam in the ocean, so we started to give up.  The condo, Plantation Island Ormond Beach, was okay.  It wasn't as nice as some of the others mom has traded for.  It was clean enough; though the pool could have used a little clean up.  It was just so small.  Mom said they're all small like that in that area.   The drive was too long too.  The beach will have to be closer if we ever go again.  Sea World was fun with the exception of the trip to the ER that night.  The boys loved the rides.  There was literally no wait!  We could just run through over and over and over again.  We did get to touch the dolphins while feeding them in Dolphin Cove which we all thought was cool!  One day isn't enough!  We definitely could have done another day if it weren't for the ER the night before and the horrendous traffice getting to Orlando from Ormond.  Can you say over 2 hours for a 70 mile trip!

Here are all of our pictures from the trip.  It's a long one, so enjoy!

Our car riders on the way there.

The first sight of the beach!

Feeding the dolphins in Dolphin Cove

The next day at the beach.

Daytona Lagoon for the boys!

I think this was the last day there after everyone's fevers were gone.

Best buds, worst enemies.


Why do two year olds find this so interesting??

My beach baby!

Eating seafood our last night.

The drive home was so tiring.

Chels got to have the dvd player to herself.