Monday, March 28, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

8 and 5

That is the number of Gotcha Days we've had with our girls.  Kaelin has been home 8 years last Saturday and Chelsi's was 5 years this past Monday.  So hard to believe the blessings we've had...even if we don't come off that way sometimes.  We're human and your average family, so yeah we argue sometimes, but God I love them!

Chelsi had her Kindergarten screening yesterday.  Where has the time gone?  I'll have my 4th child entering school this fall.  I'm not sad or weepy over it.  Just in awe that we're at this point.  I'm proud of her and not worried about the person she has become, so I'm ready for her to go and so is she.  When we left school, I asked her how it went; because parents are not allowed in with the kids.  She confidently said "It went well.  They asked me a lot of questions.  I knew all the answers.  It was easy."  I cracked up at her no nonsense answer that exuded complete confidence in herself.  She does NOT get that from me. 

While we (Jaemin and I) were hanging out at school waiting on big sis we got to meet another parent.  I was in the office keeping Jaemin busy and one of the staff asked about his name.  No one can remember his name.  I guess it's just different enough that everyone wants to call him Jaden or something like that, but can never remember Jaemin.  So, when she told us it was neat, I told her it was his Korean name and we decided to keep it.  The other mom was sitting in earshot of the conversation and asked if he was Korean.  When I told her he was, she excitedly said "I'm Korean too".  We talked quite a bit while we both waited.  She had twin boys being screened at the same time.  She took a picture of Jaemin to text her sister and say "This is what my boys were supposed to look like."  They're half caucasian and she thought Jaemin was the cutest thing ever.  So after my teacher meeting they told me I could go get Chelsi.  The teacher talked to me as we walked to the gym to get her and she told me how she overheard Chelsi and the twin boys talking about being Korean.  Apparently, the boys had asked her if she was Chinese.  She told them that she was Korean and asked if they were Chinese.  They told her they were Korean too and the 3 hit it off perfectly.

By the time I got to the gym she introduced me to her new friends and she was SO excited to tell me they were Korean.  She couldn't wait to tell her dad too.  We live in a very small town with a very small school.  I couldn't believe my luck when Kaelin had 2 Asian adoptees in her grade and another Asian girl.  I didn't think we'd get that lucky again.  And now Chelsi has two little boys that are Korean!  Them being Asian doesn't totally define them, but obviously it's more important to Chelsi than she lets on.  She wouldn't have been so excited if it didn't matter to her just a tiny bit.  For that I'm excited!

Monday, March 21, 2011

TV Choices

I want to get rid of satellite so BAD!  There are no good options.  We don't get anything (no locals) without it.  There's no for sure that we could without a very large and high antenna because of the hole we sit in.  I know that in a lot of areas $110 for tv, internet and phone isn't bad, but sometimes it just seems so wasteful.  A part of me wonders if we didn't have many choices in tv, if the kids would study even more, etc.?  Can't help but think that.  But, at the same time, I think Brian works so hard and deserves his ESPN.  The only thing he really asks for. 

I signed up for a month of free Netflix to check it out.  Since Grandma gave us a Wii for Christmas we can finally try this out.  The kids REALLY like it.  So, last night I ordered 2 Rokus to go in the other rooms.  There are other things you can watch through the Rokus too and no price.  I'll find out after we get them.  I wanted to speed up our internet so Netflix wouldn't have to constantly retrieve, but I'm not positive the $10/month more it would cost me would fix the issue.  The phone company says yes, but not willing to guarantee it and allow me to go back to my 768 speed at my grandfathered in price.  We're only paying $53/month for satellite, which is pretty cheap....just still seems frivolous.  Of course, $53 includes a $10/month discount I talked them into until December of this year.  ESPN360 maybe offering something in the future through Roku or internet.  At that point, we'll probably dump satellite totally.  I can live with Netflix and the other avenues we'd have at at least a $20/month cost savings.  Netflix will be $10/month to keep, so not terrible.  I can downgrade our satellite one more notch and that will cover it.

What I'd REALLY like to do is get rid of satellite totally, but I really need to get our locals first.  You can't watch the local news live and I do think it's important to do that.  I think we're going to be stuck with satellite for awhile. 


Every full moon Jaemin doesn't sleep.  He literally lies in bed with his eye closed, but don't be mistaken, he's awake.  The second I sneak by his bedroom, to go to bed, he opens them and starts to cry.

Last night I took him back to his bed.  He came to my room screaming, so I locked the door.  He went back to bed and stopped crying, but 1/2 hour later I could still hear him whimpering in bed.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I brought him into bed.  I don't know what happened or why he started sleeping with me 6 months ago, but he's really gotten to where he has to.  He flopped in my bed and sat up several times until after 11:30.  Somewhere in there, and I don't remember when or how it came about (I was WAY tired) I went into his room, got his paci and made him throw it in the trash.  I told him that he he wanted to sleep in my bed every night that was fine, but paci had to go forever then.  He's REALLY attached to his paci, so all I could think was 'I'm going to pay for this at naptime tomorrow'.

Tomorrow's here.  So far so good.  I doubt he'll power nap as usual, but he DID go to sleep without it.  He asked me where it was and I reminded him that he was a big boy.  I asked him if Cole had a paci and he said 'no'.  I asked him if Chase had a paci and he said 'no'.  Then, I asked him if big boy Jaemin had a paci and he said 'yes'.  I told him was all gone in the trash forever.  He laid down for a second, but when I walked back by he was sitting up playing.  So since he HATES his door being closed I told him to lay down or I close the door.  He's such a little stinker, he said 'close the door'.  It was only about 1/2 hour later and he was sleeping, so that's good for him.  We'll see how future naps go, but dang, if he's gonna sleep in my bed no matter what, I'm getting something out of the deal.

On the potty front, Chelsi has been dry 11 nights in a row!  Yep, after we moved back into the house, not one wet night.  We're on week 9 o f the 12 week chart that came with the alarm.  So, I have to say, I'm pleased with the alarm....all $110 of it.  I really do think it trains their bodies.  In the beginning, if she rooted around too much or cried in her sleep, I knew she'd be wet.  But, now she stays dry even then.  She doesn't even run to the potty in the morning anymore.  She's holding it longer all of the sudden.  Now, when she first goes down she does go often.  Some nights she'll get up twice more to go potty.  I guess just a final empty.

It just feels so good to get somewhere.  To think maybe some day we'll have no pullups or diapers to purchase.  I know it may be awhile until little man is trained too, so all in all I'll end up with about 15-17 years of diapers.  YIKES!  Oh well, what can you do?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Really praying for Japan

Every time you turn around their news doesn't get much better.  It's a sobering realization of what can happen to a very strong, developed country.  What I mean is you expect the devastation in Haiti to be bad like it was, but I don't know that you expect it in Japan.  Chelsi even talked about it the day it happened.  She said grandpa had been watching it on the news and he told her that Japan was close to Korea.  I think it made her sad.  I told her he was right and that it is, but it all went the other way and didn't affect Korea.  But, still they are Korea's neighbors....even if they sometimes have bad blood between them after the occupation.

I pray for all of the people who have lost loved ones and are now dealing with radiation in the ground, food, etc.  Sounds like it's higher levels than expected and that's a terrible worry.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Snow to Sun

Today's a beautiful (though windy) almost 80 degree day.  Getting ready to take little man out after nap for some much needed outdoor run time.  But, before I go, I wanted to post a picture of the 4 big ones from this past Monday...yes just 3 days ago.  It was a day off school for snow (SNOW DAY!).  They were NOT happy at all since now it's encroaching on summer vacation.  But, I had just signed up for a free month of Netflix, so they had found Sandlot 2 on it and were quiet watching; all 4 together.  It was so nice.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Memories Forever

Or at least I hope they don't break and they last forever.  A few weeks ago I found these little stepping stone kits in LTD.  So I ordered 5.  The other night I mixed them and each kid made a handprint.  They decorated them with the little glowstones that came with them.  They are a little cheap looking, but still a great way to preserve their handprints at a particular point in time.  I love them in my rock garden.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2 years ago we got a huge surprise

Two years ago today, we got an email to call our previous social worker.  I thought for sure it was to let us know we had a package or they had contact with a birth mother.  When I called, I got the shock of my life and immediately shook and cried.

Two years later, I have Jaemin, here with us, in person.  While today and the last few days he's not been feeling well, so he's been, well, GROUCHY, I LOVE this little boy with my heart and soul.  I love hearing him talk everyday as he came into the living room this morning and Brian said "J did you sleep in your bed last night?".  Jaemin quickly said "Nope, I slept in mommy's bed."  His language has just burst!  He says anything and everything and makes me so happy.  He's become the biggest little lover too.  I can't help but think back to the days when we first brought him home from Korea and he pushed so hard to get away from me.  He hit me and scratched me and just shoved me away if I tried to hold him, hug him or kiss him.  Now, he does the 'monkey hold' as we call it.  If Brian, Cole or I pick him up he wraps his arms around our necks and legs around our waists and lays his head on our shoulders.  He rubs your neck softly with his fingers as you hold him and he loves to lay close.  He still sleeps with me every single night, but most nights it's not too bad and I don't mind.  I love knowing he's there.

Where has the time gone for my baby boy?  Before you know it, he'll be as old as his oldest brother.  Two years ago I knew nothing of this boy.  I was so scared.  I worried we were possibly going to mess up the balance of our family, then.  I was so worried about rocking our happy little boat.  Little did I know our boat wasn't full yet.  It's fully now and I'm so happy God made a way for us to bring him home and to spend our lives with him.  I thank God for him and that email.

In case you don't remember, here's the first picture we saw of him (and I was in love)!
And a more recent, even though I've posted it before.

Happy Birthday Cole!

My first born is 14.  He turned 14 earlier in the week, but we weren't home until later this week.  So, the spoiled boy got 3 birthday cakes.  Since we were living with one set of grandparents, they made him a cake and we had dinner with another set on his birthday, they made a cake too.  Of course, I am going to have a cake for my own child, so that was cake #3!  Where has the time gone?  I cannot believe in two years I'll have a driver.  Now that IS scary.

Chelsi says he must be one special boy.  She must be right!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Long Several Days

It's been a LONG several days.  The first 5 days spent in our basement with 7 people wasn't too bad.  We survived just fine.  Then we moved to the inlaws while the floor was being done due to the smell.  It WAS pretty bad.  We stayed there about 5 days.  I'm SO glad to be home.  Just to be home!

So, lets see...where did I leave off.  Seizure?  Yes.  Okay, I took Jaemin for his EEG yesterday and he did GREAT!  He fell right to sleep.  We have to wait 1 1/2 weeks for results.  I'm not too concerned because I still think they'll come back normal and it's related to his GERD.  It's going to be awhile before we wean him from his meds.

Wednesday Brian and I spent from 8am to 12 am the next morning moving furniture back into the rooms, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, painting (touch up) and putting trim back on.  My closet doors still aren't on, but he'll do it this weekend.  They're too long now.  Thursday, I had the EEG with little man then came home to clean the kitchen (hadn't touched it yet) and found that both sides of our sink was leaking all over the place.  Luckily my father-in-law could come over and fix it up for us.  It will last a little bit, but the side with the disposal has about had it.  Hey the gasket lasted 15 years...pretty good.  Now to find one that will fit and replace it before it gives out totally at a REALLY inconvenient time.  That's the way it always happens.  My legs, feet and knees are killing me.  Brian is SO thinking I'm a big baby, I'm sure!

Tonight, we finally get to have Cole's birthday.  I'll post that later because his birthday should be it's own post!

Here are some before and after.  I didn't take before shots soon enough and all the furniture was already out.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

My baby

He scared the absolute life out of me.  I can still cry this morning just thinking about it.  The motion of what happened and his face keeps running through my mind over and over and over again and I just cry again.

We're not exactly sure what happened last night, but the ER doc thinks it was a small seizure.  Jaemin fell off the couch and hit the hard floor.  When I picked him up he started to scream and then stopped breathing, tensed up and fluttered his eyes.  Then he started to cry a little again, but then did it all again.  Because our big boys saw him look like he passed out on the couch and slowly fall he thinks that was the seizure and the way he acted with me was the post ictal (sp?) state.  The way he reacted reminded me of when Chelsi had her febrile seizure and they're biological siblings a couple of years ago.  I swear to God he scared the life out of me.  Because I wasn't automatically thinking seizure I really thought I was going to lose my angel.

He said there's a slight chance he really could have fallen asleep that fast and fell and hit his head and knocked himself out, but because of the distance and the fact that it wasn't a hard fall he doesn't think so.  They did a CT last night and bloodwork and said everything was perfect, which was great!  Now we just have to get an EEG when they open up Monday to be sure.  He said it's possible it could happen just this once and never happen again too.

Please pray for the EEG results.  I'm thankful the CT was clear and there's no tumor and no damage from the fall.  The EEG is the final piece to get an all clear unless it happens again.  AND PLEASE pray it never happens again.  I never want anything so scary to happen again.  He is my baby boy and I never want to lose my sweetheart!  I love him God...please keep him with me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


4 whole days in the basement with 7....count it....7 people!  It's starting to wear on us all.  But, we've been sleeping much earlier....but you wake up more often 'cause there's always someone snoring!  Just another 5 to go!

Had my lumpectomy thing today.  She said she was pretty sure it was a sebaceous cyst, so no biggie.  She said it was bigger than she expected, but looked pretty typical.  I looked down after she was done and it looked pretty good.  About an inch or so long, but desolvable stitches, so easy to take care of.  All in all easy.  The numbness is wearing off this evening, so it's starting to get sore.  Time for some Tylenol. 

Tomorrow we will attend Brian's aunt's funeral.  I'm happy she's at peace now, but she was entirely too young!  It will hit me tomorrow at the visitation.  I feel for her girls so much!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sorry, couldn't think of a better title.  My mom made me realize I haven't posted the potty results in awhile and since I know some are actually reading this to decide whether an alarm may be worth the extra $100 or not I thought I really should post.

It's been a couple weeks, I believe...since the last post on potty.  Tonight's the last night of week 5 on the alarm calendar they sent....or Progress Chart.  She'd been averaging 4 dry nights every 7 nights, which is great progress alone.  Then last week was only 3 and I started to wonder.  But, this week she's had 5 dry nights and 1 that it went off, but I'm pretty sure it went off for sweat and not potty.  I couldn't find any dampness in her undies and nothing in her pullup.  But, still...we'll finish off the 12 weeks of the chart they sent.  Will she be dry every night in the next 7 weeks?  We'll find out.