Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I know

These are sometimes some of the sweetest words your toddler can say.  I was driving Jaemin from speech to daycare and I said "mommy needs to tell you something.". Then I said "mommy loves you.". He just sweetly said "I know.". I am so glad he's confident in my love for him.

Sunday, August 26, 2012 struck again

When, they screwed up my Christmas present order, for my mother-in-law, in December I never thought it could happen again since Kohls assured me it's a rare occurrence.  But, I was SO, SO wrong.  I have been waiting to order some Nike flip flops, you know the ones with extra cushion and little arch support, for 2 years now.  Most moms do this.  If it's not really a need it just gets put off and we keep coming up with excuses why I can't buy them yet.  They finally went on sale a couple of weeks ago for $21 and I found a 15% off coupon.  I ordered.  And as I said yesterday I got an ugly purse.  I brought it all to Kohls today and they said to just call from their special phone to get to resend the correct item and they will get the original price I paid since they're now $27.  I called and what do you know? was rude and not helpful at all AGAIN!  They didn't have my size, so they pretty much told me I was out of luck.  Well, when I ordered you HAD MY SIZE!  I asked them to just give me a $30 Kohls gift card to pay for them next Spring when they order them again since $30 is about the normal Spring price.  They said they couldn't monetarily reimburse me anything.  I hung up the phone and asked for a manager and was in tears by then to think that customer service could really be that bad nowadays for a company that large.  The manager was more than willing to help after such a gross mistake.  She said she has to yell at all the time because they are so hard to deal with.  She and her customer service employee called around until they found a different store a couple of hours away that had some in the right size.  They're shipping them here in 8-10 weeks, too late for the season, but I get guaranteed the price I had waited on for 2 years.  She's also giving me 30% off of the $21 when they arrive for all of my trouble.  I'm now satisfied, but sadly it was the brick and mortar store that had to make up for the gross conduct of the .com store.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kohls did it again

At Christmas I had ordered a watch for my mother-in-law.  They sent me a watch alright, but it was a $6 clearance watch instead of the $30 watch I picked out.  But, the invoice was for the right watch.  After 2 hours on the phone with Kohls I got it worked out and they sent me a different watch since they no longer had the one I wanted for her.

Last week, I finally ordered some of the Nike flip flops I'd been wanting for a long, long time.  Some that don't look like I've been walking around the river lot.  I finally found some for $20.99 and got 15% off that.  I just got my order today and Kaelin asks me why the box is so big for flip flops.  I was thinking 'well they always send these great big boxes for small packages'.  Turns out there was a very large and ugly Chaps purse.  The price tag says $89, but I can't even find it on their site.  And guess what?  Again, the invoice says 'flip flops'.  Another trip to Kohls to straighten it out and I'll need them to reorder the flip flops so I don't have to pay shipping again.  They really stink.  Shouldn't mess up twice on one person in less than a year.....not this bad. 

Reasons why

you can be okay when your kid doesn't get to play when they should.  I'm not a spiteful, overly competitive parent, but when I see my kid, who has always played key positions as a starter, suddenly standing on the sidelines so that the newly paid coaches can play the kids that have $$, have older brothers that make them think the younger brother could be a clone of said older brother or the kid is a teacher/coaches kid, it kind of makes you go hmmmm.....after you get over the initial anger of the politics of middle school football.  This was my reality check that it's alive and well, so I'm left with find humoring in it after nothing left else to do.

A.  While other parents are complaining about their kids who have never been injured at younger competitions, getting hurt now, I can revel in the fact that if my child isn't playing he can't end up like his teammates either.

B.  He will have a body that still functions in high school, while some kids will have broken down parts from multiple injuries at younger ages.

C.  Less grass stains to get out.

D.  His weaker ankles can rest (kind of a cheat since it's another injury related reason, but oh well.

E.  When they get their butts handed to them like they did today I can honestly say my kid had not part of it.  There may not be an i in team, but if you have the same favorites  in the game day after day, there's never going to be a u in it either.

So, here's to more losses until hopefully they learn to play to the kids' potentials instead of politics in a public school.  These coaches have a lot to learn abut communication.  Those poor boys were running in and out because they had no idea where they were supposed to be or go because they get mixed signals from the coaches.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poke your eyes out

that's how Brian felt tonight.  He said he's never wanted to drive his car into a ditch so bad.  :)  He had to take a boy home, from the football team, that none of us can stand.  And Cole called it.  He did NOT shut up on the whole 10 minute drive.  I think it was 10 minutes of PURE torture for poor Brian.  I had to laugh when he called to say he got stuck with him. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Not sure what happened....I'm losing my mind apparently

I could have sworn I posted the pictures from our visit with my brother and my nephew, but I don't see them anywhere.  I must have dreamed I did it already.  You know how sometimes as you go to bed you have a to-do list running through your head?  I probably did that and then dreamed I did it.  Who knows.  The last two weeks were sort of a blur with all the family visits and school starting.  But, it was a nice visit.  Even my dad came in from Florida, so Ethan could have all of his grandparents from our side here for his birthday.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I've lulled in my posts.  Sometimes I regret it because this IS my diary for me and my family.  But, because I know others read it, I do tend to hold back just a bit.  Even when things are going well or I'm just content (which is usually the reason for lulls) I just don't want to jinx anything.  Nor do I want to seem like a whiner because I may have had a bad day; hoping things will be better the next and knowing my life is still better than some people who may be dealing with the worst life can offer.  I guess right now aside from a few normal discontentments a parent may encounter I'm in that content stage.  You know, you're kids are healthy, you and your spouse are all reasonably well, you're paying your bills, so life must be okay.  That's mostly my philosophy anyways.  As long as we're always reasonably well and we can pay our bills life is pretty good.  I don't need to be wealthy to be happy or cut down my neighbor to be happy, I can just be happy.  Too many Americans need to step on one another financially and socially in order to feel that contented feeling and it's very sad.  I think it's been the destruction of this country.  Sad, but I do believe social darwinism has been around for a very long time and is in no threat of stopping.

So, for me.  I'll continue to try and attempt to show my kids what's really important in life and allow them to enjoy their lives as they've been handed to them by God.  Kinda like I told Cole one night as he was a little disappointed to have no classes this year with his closest friends.  Sometimes, even if life isn't perfect and you're not totally happy, faking your way through a little can eventually get you to believing your life really is fine the way it is.  I realize this doesn't capture all lives, but for his situation and some others it's true.  He's been a pretty happy kid this school year so far (though it's VERY new), so maybe we're onto something.

Here's to everyone else's happiness.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Full School Swing

And here they are:  10th, 7th, 4th and 1st grades.  Hoping for a really great school year for them all.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthdays

While tonight was not Kaelin's official birthday party, my brother got to come home and be here for her birthday so we did a combo birthday for Ethan, my nephew (I finally got to meet him, YAY) and Kaelin.  Brandon's her Godfather, so I really wanted him to be able to be here with her.  She'll get her friend party later.  Lois let us use her pool again and the kids had a great time and the weather was SO nice.  They always have fun at Lois' house.  Then we went back to our house for the cake and ice cream for the 10 and 2 year olds.  Loved meeting my nephew last night and seeing him again today.  He's really, really cute!

The goggles were Ethan's idea.

Something's wrong with this picture.

And afterward at our house.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The next medalist in swimming

He's such a natural.  Too bad our school doesn't have a swim team.  3 years old and Jaemin can totally swim by himself.  We decided to let him go at Lois' house today.  Now, watch and the 2nd time he goes for the ladder he turns back to me.  Some might see that as a failure, but I see that as skill! Have I ever, ever said how much I love, love, love this boy and he inspires me.