Thursday, May 29, 2014

A new chapter

for us.

So, we  are going in on a lake condo with my mom.  So weird. I really never thought we would or be able to do something like that.  Of course, without her, we couldn't.   It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom.  Nothing  huge or fancy, but next Friday it should become ours.  Our family will have 1 bedroom and bathroom and mom and Joe will have 1 bedroom and bathroom.  This way we can each have our own things to always come 'home' to.  Luckily, we had kept the loft bed from years ago in our attic.  We're hoping to bring it down and put it in with the 2 twins that are in the bedroom.  If that doesn't fit we'll have to get a queen bed and that will fit under the loft.  Ordered an air mattress tonight for another kiddo and then Cole will sleep on the fold out couch.  It comes fully furnished with pretty nice furniture, so no complaints here.  Now, for the next week we'll be cleaning out the house.  It's a good way to purge things I've held onto that would be better used there, such as the extra blankets I've kept, etc.  We've got some color books and colors packed and the kids each picked a blanket to leave down there.  I'm hoping to get some of those cheap little plastic drawers to keep in our closet so each kid can have somewhere to keep their things.  Jaemin is already looking forward to swimming.  It has one outdoor point pool and one indoor pool.  The playground is super close to our unit, so Jaemin will love that.  Mom and I are anxious to get in next week to see what we really need to buy yet....hoping for very minimal.  We're even thinking maybe next year once we get the rules of the complex down we may rent it out if we're not going.  Only to friends though.  We want to make sure nothing happens.  It's a nice, quiet, family complex, so it's perfect.  And it comes with a slip for Joe's boat.  He'd rather have his there, so we're probably going to sell ours.  There's just no point to letting it sit another year.  That's okay....we could use the money for other things.

I'm excited, but guarded and scared.  Something I never pictured us really doing and it's so scary to do something only other people do.  Still hoping to get to the beach next year since Cole will be 18, but with the condo we won't feel the want to go every year.  We can just vacation as often as we want at our own place, so much closer than driving a day to the beach.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I really just don't know....

What I or we did to make people we used to be friends with hate us so much!  It makes me sad for so many reasons.....and very hurt.  You know it's done when you've tried to reach out only to be ignored.  But somehow they seem to scratch at the wounds repetitively.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Grant's Farm and Magic House

I think they had a good time.  They fed llamas, birds and goats.  The girls road the camels.  The boys went into a cage thing to hold parakeets and feed them.  They saw the Clydesdales.  I think Jaemin was a little surprised at how large they were.  Jaemin got to see his favorite turtles, but was mesmerized by the elephants for some reason.

We thought about the zoo, but thought Grant's Farm may be less crowded, plus it's cheaper.  At least it was cool outside.  Cole's too 'big' for family outings, so he stayed home.  The Magic House is always fun.  Us adults were getting tired.  Otherwise, I think they could have stayed for awhile.  

 I took this of Chase, so he swiped my camera and took one of me.

 The goats ate everything including trying to eat our shorts, shirts and Chelsi's shirt ties.

 I was too slow, but Jaemin and Chelsi touched the snake too.  It was pretty big!

 Feeding the llamas.
 The boys just looking cool!
 Chelsi didn't want to do it by herself and Kaelin was supposed to.  Our theory is Kaelin just didn't get on so that Chelsi would have to do it by herself.  She liked it though.

 The boys didn't want to ride the camels, but did want to go into the bird cage.  Jaemin did hold one and did feed a few, but didn't love it.  They loved Chase.  One crawled from his finger, up his arm, around his neck and onto his hat.

 And there he decided that hat was junk just like we keep telling Chase.

 Magic House!
 The girls get static.  They were told to shake it out first....that's what they're doing.

 Jaemin's hair did not go up, but I'm shocked Chase's did.  The boys shaking.

 Jaemin liked the 3 story slide.
 I told Chelsi she looked like a natural in scrubs with a stethoscope.  Her and Jaemin would make great medical partners.

 She's laughing because too little girls next to Chase cracked the safe, but Chase couldn't.

Grants Farm

Some guy was nice enough to take a picture after he saw us trying the group selfie.

Friday, May 23, 2014

School's OUT! Next year, K, 3, 6, 9 and 12! How's that for a fun year!

They're all done.  We left school a little after 10 or right at, went for some ice cream and took the youngest 4 to the movies to see Blended (their choice).  Next year's probably going to be tough with all 5 in school and Jaemin's adjustment, so I'm just going to enjoy this while I can.

Cole had gotten an award this year, Chase got an award this year and Chelsi got 3 awards this year.  5th & 6th grades do not give awards, so no awards for Kaelin, but I'm sure she would have.  Cole had no Cs this quarter!!  He did so much better and considering  the quarter started with his heart surgery he did awesome!  He may even keep his 3.0 for the semester since he brought this quarter's grades up so much (just 1 more final to be graded).  3rd quarter was really rough for him while he was getting more tired and stressed about the surgery, so it was a welcomed change.  Chase finished on the B honor roll for quarter and semester.  This quarter seemed a little more rough for him.  Hopefully freshman year will be great!  Kaelin finished this quarter on the B honor roll, but kept A honor roll for the semester.  Chelsi doesn't get grades yet, but had all pluses and 90%+ on things that did somewhat grade.  I'm looking forward and hopeful for a successful year next year for all and Cole will graduate!!

Big brother is fishing with friends since school is out, but we're having pizza outside tonight and hopefully the zoo tomorrow.  Came home to a get well card from Jaemin's nurse at the hospital and more Ninja Turtle stickers enclosed.  So sweet to think of him like that since it's his favorite ever.  You should have seen his face when they showed a preview for their movie before Blended today.  He yelled "It's a movie!".  

Jaemin took this.