Thursday, February 21, 2013

YUM! (travel tip inside)

So when you travel to a country that speaks another language and especially one that doesn't use the same Romanized characters, it's a good idea to have cheatsheets of everything you can think of.  Food.

I have been enjoying browsing other people's blogs looking for restaurant ideas and especially food descriptions.  Then, I take the name of the food in English and Hangul and paste it into my handy dandy cheatsheet with a description.  If we go somewhere that has no English menus we can point and ask if they have those items.....things we know we're comfortable with.  This is what I have so far and it makes me HUNGRY.

Samgyeopsal – pork belly

Daegi bulgogi – pork bulgogi

Kimchi jjigae 김치 찌개– kimchi stew

Sundubu Jjigae 순두부 찌개- fiery bubbling cauldron of soft tofu, freshly cracked egg, chili peppers, inoki mushrooms, a couple clams, onions and deunjang (Korean miso) paste. Served with sticky rice.


Bibimbap 비빔밥

Raboggie 라볶이- rice cake in a sea of spicy pepper sauce augmented with odang (processed fish), cabbage, carrots, onions and leeks and ramen

Kimbap -Wonjo Kimbap 원조 김밥 -damuji (a yellow pickled sweet radish), processed ham, carrots, some green, maybe spinach, and cooked egg,  야채 김밥, Yachae Kimbap-veggies including carrots and spinach, 김치 김밥, Kimchi Kimbap-ham, eggs, carrots, radish, 계란말이 김밥, Kaeranmal Kimbap-rolled in a thin omelet, then sliced.

Dakkochi 닭꼬치 – chicken on skewers

Twigim – ojingeo (squid), goguma (sweet potato), yachae (vegetables)

Tteokbokki 떡볶이 – sauced rice cakes

Pajeon – pancakes

Galbi – short ribs

Pa dak 파닭 – chicken with honey, onions, etc.

Monday, February 18, 2013

No complaints

Today, I finally took Chase to the dr after noticing something on his chest a few weeks ago.  I already had a pretty good idea of what it was after I googled it and knew it shouldn't be too bad, but still thought the dr should see it. He agreed is pectus excavatum.  Basically, it's pigeon chest.  It looks like a long lump on his chest because the middle caves in a little.  Since we now know about it the dr just wanted a lung function test and xray as a baseline and he measured the dip.  Then, we can monitor it as he grows and know how much it changes.  It's only almost 1/2 inch deep now, so unless it suddenly gets to 1" or something we're good.  You couldn't even see it on the xray, so it has little chance of impacting his organs at this point.  Most kids that have it are born with it, so the dr felt bad saying he should have noticed at one of his annual appointments, but I assured him it was not there or noticeable in any way before now.  I had read that sometimes they randomly show up at adolescents when they start to really grow.  I think most of those are the milder cases, so I'm not too worried.  He said we could go to a chest specialists if we wanted to, but since he's not overly worried and I've read about it, I'm not overly worried either.  Still glad we know now, it's just better to keep an eye on it.

Came home after the dr and grocery shopping (and lunch just Chase and I) and Cole had already fed the younger 3 like I asked him and the kitchen was cleaned.  They quickly unloaded the groceries without me saying a word.  Cole, Kaelin and Chelsi had even folded the whites like I asked.  I just had to wash, dry and fold the darks and make supper.  I barbequed some chicken, in the rain since it kind of snuck up on me and baked it for another hour.  That and some baked potatoes and steamed broccoli.....yum!  Chase just played outside with his friend D all afternoon.  When it wasn't down pouring they were either target practicing with their bb guns or playing football.  D is a grade under Chase, but they're almost the same age since Chase is the baby in his class.  J's been in a good mood all day and ate well tonight.

It's just one of those evenings when nothing outstanding happened, but you're just so content with things just the way they are.  It is SO nice when the kids help out so much.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I think that's how I describe my feeling right now.  This isn't happening to a close friend, but close enough that I feel awful, somber, sad, thankful, all rolled into one.

A friend found out after battling breast cancer just last year, cancer is back but in vertebrae and liver.  It's not good.  I think about their kids.  I think about her as a mom and how close she and the kids are to each other.  I just can't imagine and don't want to.  It's too sad and hard.

I woke up the day after I found out in such a good mood.  I couldn't figure out why and then I realized that it was because I was so thankful for the life I have.  I was not living her nightmare. 

I pray that there's some miracle.  That they're wrong.  That she survives so much longer than the statistics.  That somehow she beats it.  She's entirely too young.  They're entirely too young.  It's not right or fair. 

I'm just sad.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finally February

While January wasn't awful, it just felt like it drug on forever.  I'm hoping February's a little better.  We seem to have gotten most of the bugs out of the house.  Everyone seems to be feeling better, though Cole still has a cough that real dry and hacky.  Of course, I always have a worry in the back of my head for his heart and that it's not the one symptom of failure.  Gotta trust the doctors though.

Jaemin's passport came in last week.  It only took 3 weeks from the day we went to the post office and we didn't get a request for any additional documentation.  YAY!

We're beginning week two of Cole's required 1 hour study nights.  There haven't been any grades entered, so we can't tell if it's going to help him or not.  Can't hurt, right?  It's not like his grades are really bad, just not as good as I know he's capable of.  I'm hoping to see what he can really do.  Then, we'll decide when he can go get his license after he turns 16. 

Otherwise, all is well.  I really love the boring life.  It means life is good.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When you feel that urge

to tell someone good job or thank you, do it!  It's so easy to forget about it and dismiss it...I do it a lot.  I just get busy and don't follow through with my thoughts and good intentions.

Tonight, I did and it made a difference.

I had just told my mom about some things that our middle school was doing and has been doing that makes things easier for the kids and parents.  I thought for once I'd email to let them know.  So even though I'm pretty sure our superintendent doesn't like me because of our previous engagements, I cc'd him because I thought he should also be aware.

Shortly after I emailed her (the principal) to thank her and the teachers, I got an email back saying that I had made her day.  She told me how bad the day had been and that she was questioning some things until she read my email and it was just what she needed.

What we do so impacts someone else.  When we're grouchy and lash out we set others on a course for being grouchy and upset for the day.  It passes on throughout everyone we and they intersect.  But, when we make someone's day and make them happy, they can pass that on instead.  I think we could all use that and I don't do it near enough.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A tooth gone, but replaced

Yep, already replaced and she just lost her very first tooth.  I ALWAYS take a picture of their very first lost tooth.  Usually you will see this nice black gap in their mouth.  No, not Chelsi.  That permanent tooth has been coming in since October and the baby tooth finally came out, but the permanent tooth is already fully in.  Still exciting.  She lost her first tooth.  Bad news is that the top one is still not out and it's permanent has been in since October too.  AND, a second permanent tooth is getting ready to come in on the bottom too.  Apparently, her permanent teeth have suddenly gotten in a hurry and baby teeth just don't want to let go.