Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's finaly here

The week has come for Cole's wish come true from the Make a Wish foundation.  It was a bumpy ride.  The wish granters disappeared on us and MAW and so everyone kinda forgot about Cole.  So, we decided just to go ahead and do it, so no more stress for Cole.  He was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen.  Onto Bass Pro so he can shop hard.  He has been limited in life because of his heart condition and not been allowed to do everything most kids get the chance to try, not because he physically can't, but because no one will allow him to take the risk of his heart stopping or anything like that.  This time, it's his turn.  Cole will do something no one else his age really gets to do....okay maybe in a wealthy family, but not terribly common.  He's had a great time making a list of things he wants.  He pretty much can shop anywhere, but since he has to have a rep from MAW with him to purchase everything, he chose to order the items he wants from Walmart and then enjoy his time at Bass Pro.  They will pay for our gas, lunch and dinner since it's an all day trip.  The little kids are excited too because they will get a few bucks to spend at Bass Pro as well and for once they get to order their own meals when they eat out instead of sharing everything (that's the only way we can afford to eat out even once a year with them all).  :)  I told them they can even order a drink instead of water.  So exciting!

I can't wait.  I know Cole's looking forward to this.  He may not have gotten his first wish, but this is something he really wants and will thoroughly enjoy!

Monday, March 25, 2013


In first grade and she's onto multiplication.  I don't know that she actually does it in school or anything, but she obviously understand the concept. 

I was talking to Kaelin about working hard and I was using an example of using coupons and sale ads to save money.  I gave an example of saving $20/week.  I asked her how much that would save in a month.  I got the cricket chirping stair.  I asked if they had taught her how many weeks are in a month and then told her 4 (average anyways).  I restated and said 'okay, now if I save $20/week, how much will I have saved in a month?'  The crickets were back.  Chelsi had climbed into bed and was giving me that 'call on me, call on me' look.  So I looked up at her and said 'okay Chelsi, how much'.  Curious if she really knew the answer.  She confidently tells me '$80'.  Yep, you're right smarty pants!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Snow Day!!

By calendar Spring is here, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature.  I think we had to have been pretty close to 10" of snow today.  The big boys decided they weren't going to be stuck inside and they got creative.  Their dad hadn't quite gotten around to taking his old truck bed liner somewhere to dump it, so they decided to redneckify it.  They made it into a pulled sled, since we have no sleds.  What can I say?  The last few Winters were a little short on the snow scene.  Not so much this year.

They worked together on this project.  First they tried just taking it down the hill.

Then, they decided to drill holes.

And add rope.

And pull the new sled up the hill to the top of the driveway.
And then they pulled it down the hill with a boy inside.
                                                     And attempted to go back up.
 Then, the big boys came in and Chase went back out with the girls.  He and K built a huge snowman.  I didn't go out to the front of the house (way too cold) to take a picture, but apparently he's a hunter.....full on orange vest and camo hat.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Donations and Gifts

I am done.  We have gotten as many gifts and donations as we could.  The only thing I have left is to buy some bags of Dove chocolates for the social workers, volunteer and foster about 7.  I'll wrap a pretty ribbon around it and call it good.  In addition, I went to the dollar store today to find as much as I could of what one of the agencies gave me as a list of needs.  Since the other two didn't give many really anything, I bought one of everything and they will each get the items.  Plus I knited about 15 hats all together.

Then, we have the gifts for the foster mothers.  I printed the portraits we took of them this fall and added their names and ages in Korean for them and put them in frames.  I knitted scarves for Chelsi and Jae's foster mothers while Kaelin knitted the one for her foster mother herself.

All of this together took almost the entire extra carry-on we're bringing.  I had hoped to bring donations from others, but there's just not space and I while we could just upgrade to a bigger suitcase to check, I can't imagine trying to get through the airport with 6 suitcases and 5 carry-on bags.....too much.  Each one of us bigger 5 will have a wheeled suitcase to be in charge of us and then everyone but Brian and Chelsi have a carry-on.  The girls are sharing one and I'm carrying a big back pack for Brian and I.  I'm going to have to get creative to get everything in all of these bags.  We're bringing some food too, to snack on.  I've already had to pare back my clothes.  The week we leave is when I find out what really can't go and what I can fit.  I'm not bringing an more than what we have decided.  Then, when the food is gone and gifts are gone, we should have room to bring anything we find there home.  I hope not to have to ship it home.  :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March is almost over

One more week to go and we'll be that much closer to school out and vacation.  I've had my biopsy and it came back clear.  No cancer this time.  Kaelin got to pick her dinner out last night for her 10th (yes 10th!) Gotcha Day.  Chelsi will pick what she wants her dad to make her Friday night for her 7th Gotcha Day.  Cole will hopefully keep his grades up long enough for us to let him get his license.  No, they're not terrible, but I need him to stretch to his potential.  I finally got my interview over with today.  It was terrible and I don't think I did well, but it's in God's hands now.  It's time to accept whatever is meant to be.  I may think I want it and it's perfect for me, but He knows better than I ever have, so I have to let it go.

Come on April!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New to me

I've never played or really watched volleyball, so kinda like wrestling, we have a new sport to learn.  Kaelin seems to finally really be enjoying something.  Her first game was tonight and she asked if she could play a summer league too.  Funny.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

It happened.....16 years....

of my biggest boy!

I can't  believe he's already 16....driving age.  He's not getting his license right away.  He's had his permit for 11 months and is a decent driver, but I don't think a little more time practicing will hurt.  We told him when he trust he'll keep his Bs up to As and Bs we'll take him in.  No sudden drop in grades to low Cs.  That won't get an insurance discount and no waiting to pull them up at the last.  He's been working hard, so we're going to give it a little more time and then take him in for the big step, for him AND mom.

He's really beginning to show us the person he's becoming.  He's judgmental to the point he doesn't necessary criticize others, but realizes what he doesn't want to do himself.  He just strong willed enough he might follow his own road.  He does care about his future and is growing there.  I like him as a person and that's a good thing for a parent to feel.  Not just because he's my son, but because of who he's becoming.  I hope the next 16 years are just as great for him and us.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Braceface Changes

The big one got the top teeth braces....and they should all come off in just a few short months.  The crossbite is GONE and the bottom teeth are straight and no more overbite.

The middle one got his completely off after just 15 months.  Since this child has had teeth as a baby I have never seen his two front teeth together until now.  Weird, but looks nice and no more crossbite for him either.  Wondering if this thing is genetic?

Monday, March 4, 2013

The day is over

and I'm glad,  It was just one of those unpleasant days where nothing seemed to go right and everything that could go wrong did.  Regardless, my life is good, so I really have nothing to complain about.  It was just a day that everything built up and I just stood in the kitchen and sighed.  Brian said the right thing though.  He said 'you look like you could use a hug' and then he hugged me.  After we ate, he told me to sit down, relax and watch Ellen and get my mind off of things.  I told him that even laughing at Ellen wasn't going to make me feel better tonight, but I've let it all wash away.  I'm done with today.  It's over.