Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bump it up

I picked up Kaelin from volleyball practice tonight and she was SO excited.  There's an 8th grade tournament coming up and 3 of the 12 7th graders were asked to dress out and confirmed they would get playing time at that level.  That means she would be playing with all level 1 club girls.  She and 1 of the other 7th graders are not club at all....the 3rd is level 1.  So proud of her.  I know she'll hold her own against the 8th graders.  Can't wait to go.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Football and Volleyball 2015

So, we're pretty much half way into both seasons.  Chase is getting to play a little bit more.  He had a great night last night (probably his best ever with hard tackles and great blocks), so we're hoping he'll have more confidence in his newer position.  Almost had 4 interceptions, but did get 1 great one and hit the quarterback.  Kaelin got the starting setter position for her team, which was great considering out of 12 there are only about 3 that aren't club girls and she's one of those 3.  Her Parks and Rec coach this Spring and Summer was amazing and taught her so much.  She's enjoying this and I know she really wants to play club, but I just don't know about the time and $$ commitment.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

New baby soon to be

My sister will have my newest nephew in late October/early November.  Jaemin is still having trouble understanding why we were having a baby shower when the baby was still 'in there'.  This was my first real shower and I wanted it to be elegant for her because she is elegant and she always makes everything nice for others.  I'd been planning it for over 2 months and texting my cousin bak and forth so her and my aunt could participate.  Luckily, my cousin is younger and knows what people actually do at showers nowadays, so she took care of games, prizes and eatery.  My aunt brought some good fruit and monkey bread.  I made egg casserole, french toast casserole and got the decorations and cupcakes.

A girl at work made some cupcakes that I had found a picture of I wanted them nice and simple, so she just did white cake mix with white icing and made pretty, simple, elegant little flowers.  I sprayed blue icing spray on each one of them so they'd still have some white edges.  Got a huge glass platter at the Salvation Army and put my moms glass cake plate on that for a cupcake display.  I got the vases at the Salavation Army as well and then used my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby for the burlap roll.  I have the beautiful lace table cloth my great great aunt/uncle gave us for our wedding 21 years ago and put the burlap on top of that.  See the baby's room is pretty much shabby chic and I wanted to keep in with her theme.  I got the flowers on sale that day thanks to my cousin's alert.  I wrapped them in extra burlap and let baby blue chiffon ribbon fall inside the vase around the burlap.  I thought it all turned out really nice on a very easy budget.  I also borrowed my mom's (family heirloom) steamer trunk for the gift table.  My sister loves this trunk, so I knew she'd appreciate it.  I think everyone liked the food and the games and my sister got a lot of great gifts to get her started.  She still has 2 showers to go, so it's a pretty good start to being ready for that baby!