Sunday, January 25, 2009


Happy Sol Nal!  We were able to get together with a few other families this year to celebrate.  We were supposed to try last year, but... 

We had a great time with everyone.  The kids really had a good time since they were able to run around in the room we had reserved.  We truly never get to see everyone often enough.

My girls.


The group.

Chelsi and Cale

Saturday, January 17, 2009 careful

Double Minutes for Life

That's a laugh and a half!  It's not for life.  There's no fine print either.  I have my receipt and it says "Double Minutes for Life"...not life of the phone.  But, if you call their customer service they'll inform you that you should just know this.  The phone number and minutes transfer when you upgrade your phone, but not this plan that costs an additional $50.  Wrote the Attorney General's office on this.  It's out and out fraudulent practices.  I really hope they get on them like they usually do everyone else.  That's one thing our state's AG's office does do well.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's been one year tonight

I got the call that Brian had fallen playing basketball...almost at this exact time.  I was told to come to the gym, but not to be too worried.  Luckily, Jay's pretty calming.  :)  So I drug four kids with me to the gym where Jay sat with them in the van while I went inside.  I remember so well our friend Kevin saying he thought it was just a stinger like in football and he'd start moving soon.  Then the paramedics arrived and within minutes said he had to be flown to the hospital.  That started the tears.  I was terrified.  Lifeflight is never good. 

We spent the rest of the night filling out paperwork and waiting for MRI's and xrays to come back.  I remember an orthopaed coming in and explaining a bit of what he thought, but I had to wait 'til the next day for the official word.  I distinctly remember my dad and Nancy taking me to his house at 11:00 pm after visiting hours were over and crying so hard when he pulled into his garage.  I had family with me and everyone was still in my life, but I'd never felt so alone that night.  I had no husband and no children.  I think in the first 3 months of his accident I'd never gone through such a vast range of emotions in my entire life.  That was harder on me than anything.  I don't think our bodies are really set up for that.

In a way, with it being the one year anniversary I feel this weight lifted.  Like our bad year is officially over because of that.  Sounds silly, I know, but after his accident everything seemed to keep happening and adding to the stress.  I'm glad we're one year post now.  He's doing great for a year post.  It could be so much worse and we're all here.

Just can't believe it's been a year.


Monday, January 12, 2009

UCK! More shots!

You'd think I'd be done.  You'd think I'd be cured.   Nope....apparently not.

Slowly, over time, my allergies have gotten to be too much for my body to handle.  I think it might actually be worse than what it was before.  I finally couldn't take having so much trouble breathing anymore, so I went to the ENT.  He gave me 3 weeks of Levaquin for the infection and asked that I get allergy tested again.  Almost 15 years ago he did my first sinus surgery and told me to get allergy tested to help with that.  I got tested with someone else since back then he didn't do that part.  I had shots for 8 years and they told me I was as good as it was going to get, so I was done.

The last couple of years or so I've been getting sinus infections that eventually turn into pneumonia or, if I'm lucky, bronchitis.  Just in the fall.  This Winter has been hard for me to breath, so I went to him because that's not normal for me.  This is usually my reprieve, mild Winter or not.  So today, they informed me I need MORE shots....every five days!  How in the heck do you make time for that.  Once I'm done with my build up, I can do them myself, but until then I have to go to his office for them.  The nurse was shocked they were so bad considering my previous shots...over 6 years ago.  But, she said it's done completely different now.  They're also running out of allergy meds that work for me.  Very few work anymore...except the expensive ones.  Go figure.  So, I guess, when they get my serum mixed I'll have to start.  I'm finally getting over my current infection, so they think it's best to go ahead and start.

My new routine will be steroid nose spray and Ocean spray daily.  Those are my usuals now.  Then, I'll also be taking this new stuff they want me to try for the allergies themselves.  She also said if this stuff doesn't work I can try Singulair AND Zyrtec or Allegra.  Either way, it's all expensive since Singular and the new stuff are in the highest copay brackets for me.  But, it's that or not breath well.  Maybe I won't need my inhaler as much then.  That would be great!  Even Brian said for me to do whatever will work.  I think he's realizing just how much trouble I have breathing sometimes.  It has to be better now.

On a good note, we are finally getting Chelsi's Korea records back from the doctor.  I naively gave her ped everything Korea gave us when she arrived.  I didn't know they would completely take ownership and never give them back, including her chest xray from Korea.  I've been working for almost a year just to get that stuff transferred to our new family doctor.  They were holding it for awhile and told me they couldn't release since it wasn't their records....are you kidding me?  They said I could come get them for $.42/page.  They finally sent everything to the new doctor after me pestering them week after week.  The new doctor released copies to me, no problem!   FINALLY!


Korean Weekend

We had our student stay with us for the weekend.  She was 16 (Korean years), 14 (American years).  She went by Grace, but her name is JinJoo.  She was VERY quiet.  Though, I think when I wasn't around and it was just her and the girls, she talked more.  The girls loved having her.  Chelsi attached herself very quickly, which was very much not like her.  They were a little sad to see her go yesterday, but she had to get back.  It was definitely a great opportunity for us....and I think we both had lots of laughs with a little bit of a language gap.  :0)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Potty for Webkinz

WARNING:  This post is a little graphic.  Not for young readers.  :) :)

Not quite what it sounds like, but we're seeing if Chelsi will potty for a Webkinz.  I told her the other night that if she quit peeing in her diaper, long enough to wear underwear, she could play games with us instead of watching.  I tried to tell her big girls that wear underwear can play big kid games. 

We're at the point we've tried everything for her to go potty.  Sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't.  It's not really that she can't, I don't think.  She's just too busy and honestly, doesn't care.  Everytime she says she's already wet she smiles kinda like "what's the big deal".  We've tried offering money, candy, privileges, setting a timer, whatever.  The timer has helped the most, but not worked completely.  She, at least, goes willingly now.  She rarely complains about interrupting whatever she's doing to go now. 

Shortly after I told her she could play big kids if she gets into underwear she informed me that she wants a Webkinz like big sister if she wears underwear.  I told her that was fine.  She went on and on how she could take care of her Webkinz on the computer and sleep with it at night.  She also told me she wanted an elephant like the one she sleeps with now.  So, I made sure there was one and sure enough.  For the last two days, she's been rarin' to go for that darn elephant.  Tonight, I posted this picture above her potty, by her bed, on the fridge and one for grandma's house. 

[caption id="attachment_294" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="I need Chelsi!"]I need Chelsi![/caption]


She's working hard for this little guy and finally, even, went poop on the potty at grandma's.  She's gone before, but only if we catch her and she finishes there.  She went on her own yesterday, which, I believe, is a first!  Go Chelsi go!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Korean student is coming Friday!!

How fun!  We don't know her name, yet, or anything about her.  We know she's around 14 years old and from a rural part of Korea, but where exactly, we will find out.  She only stays through Sunday, but it will be interesting and fun.  We're hoping to learn a little more Korean and Kaelin's so excited she can hardly stand it.  She asked me last night "what [she] should teach her".  :)  She wants to be able to teach her English so bad, but she may already know it quite well.  I've been told their English language skills vary quite a bit.  We're just supposed to do what we normally do and she will participate as a family member, so nothing exciting.  But doing ordinary things with a new member in your house has to be interesting.  And hopefully, we make a new friend. 

Can't wait!!  Now, I need to continue teaching the kids how to say anyeonghasaeyo.