Monday, January 12, 2015


It was Jaemin's first and only wrestling tournament Saturday.  He had fun  but he hasn't asked to do more, so we're not going to overdo it so he can continue to just enjoy it.  Besides, there's still like 6 more weeks of practice.  Still great therapy!

annual trip

Or it seems like an annual trip because all the boys have gift cards after Christmas.  Onwards to Bass Pro and CiCis Pizza after.  It's the only sit down we can afford.  Not bad at $35 for 7 including drinks.  This is how we frugal.  Would I like a nicer restaurant.  Sure.  But there are other things to spend that kind of money on.  And since we were finally in the area, we hit up the Asian store so we can make chapjae again.  Tomorrow it is.