Sunday, April 14, 2013

I got the job

So it happened over a week ago, but I was waiting for current management and new management to work things out.  I was set to get an increase on May 1st (these don't come easy, ever or at all, where I work) because my position was reclassed to a higher level late last year.  If I started my new job before that I would lose that.  I'd still get the new increase, but the 5/1 increase would add to that if I waited.  I didn't feel like I should tell my new supervisor 'when' I'm starting.  Seems very demanding, presumptuous and rude.  My supervisor was good with letting them train me a bit and then really starting on 5/1 and so was my new boss.  But, higher level management has an issue, that none of can seem to understand and I'm allowed to start on 5/1 as long as I do no training.  Shouldn't be a problem, though because the girl who is leave for retirement said there's only a couple things she has to show me.  She said I'm already doing everything else.  We work pretty close together already even though my new job will take me away from the bulk of what I do now and everyone I've worked with for the past several years. 

It's all alright though.  I get to keep doing what I enjoy.  I will be doing more analytical reporting and then training all of the other staff who get the tool.  The people in my new unit all seem to be pretty hard workers who seem very smart.  I'm excited about my new group, they seem very cohesive.  Best part is my new boss already seems very nice.  I haven't worked for a man in almost 20 years.  He approved me to keep my current hours, has no problems with Tuesday speech classes for Jaemin (which means I'm late every Tuesday), and was patient enough to let me give more than 2 weeks so I could keep my extra increase.  Of course, I had checked him out before I ever applied.  No money is worth an awful supervisor.  And now, we may have a little extra breathing room every month.  If something comes up or we just want to actually go out to dinner once, we could afford it.  It will be a nice break.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

1st Youth Turkey Season

And Chase got his.  He missed a really big bird, but moved and got this 17 pounder, so he still did pretty great!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Late Easter Pic

Brian took most of them, so they're blurry, but we did have some.  I just didn't want to focus on pictures.  It's too hard to just enjoy sometimes.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wish Day!

So the whole process hasn't gone smoothly; he lost his first wish, the wish granters quit 5 months into the year long process and Make a Wish didn't even know it.  But today, Cole had his day and the girl that was located at the Wish Office city we went to was wonderful.  Ashley was so good and walked around Bass Pro with Cole from 10:45 until 4!  Of course we stopped and ate lunch so that cut out about an hour of that.  We ate at the restaurant in Bass Pro and they kids LOVED it!  They got to get whatever they wanted, so the older 3 picked the buffet and it was full of shrimp, catfish, mahi mahi, roast beef, mashed potatoes, everything!  The little kids and I got meals.  Cole also ordered alligator as an appetizer and we ordered calamari (squid).  Everyone wanted to try it all, but Ashley (from MAW), said she wasn't very adventurous.  :)  Then, after everyone in the family had eaten so much our waitress came in and said they were getting together a special dessert.  Then, they brought out these really pretty, gigantic, wine glass looking things full of white chocolate, chocolate and caramel toppings.  Next game even bigger, gigantic wine glass looking things full of ice cream and fruit and other toppings.  When they placed one in front of Chelsi she took the serving spoon and almost dug right in.  We had to tell her that was for everybody.  But, then she got her own spoon and almost dug in with that.  The waitress started to laugh and told her she brought her a bowl.  It was so kind of the Bass Pro to add the extra dessert to the wish.  That was not part of the gift from Make a Wish.  It was SO nice to not have to worry about adding up everything in my head, worrying about the tip and all the worries to stay in a budget for 7.  That was MY favorite part.

We continued shopping and Cole had everything on his list within a 1/2 hour after lunch.  But, Bass Pro through him for a loop when they gave MAW a 15% discount plus with their tax exempt status, it left him with an extra $200.  It wasn't as easy to spend as you would think.  He really had a hard time since he had nothing on his list.  He had gotten small things for his two grandpas that hunt or fish and something small for his Godfather already.  He ended up going back to spend it on more fishing lures, extra gloves for himself, some shirts (Duck Dynasty and Swamp People) and some other small items.  Each of the little kids got $50 to spend.  Chase got a very expensive Under Armour camo hoodie he would never spend that kind of money on and then paid for the rest with his own Bass Pro gift cards.  Kaelin got a necklace, earrings (literally fishing lures) and something else that escapes me right now.  Chelsi got sunglasses, a hat with a blinged out deer on it, a bracelet made of fishing swivels and a little pink gun.  Jaemin immediately attached himself to a pillow that's a big sea turtle we call Crush (of course from Nemo) and he now has his very first camo hat (Duck Dynasty) he calls Happy, Happy, Happy (if you know the show) and a shirt for deer hunting.  He also spent his own Bass Pro card money and bought his own little gun.

Cole's goodies were so amazing.  On top of that he had already ordered things from Walmart, or rather MAW ordered them for him.  So he will be able to put some small speakers in his car to thump it a little louder.  He also is getting his very own laptop.  So more fighting over the computer.

They paid for our gas since it was a 2 1/2 hour trip there and back and also gave him dinner money.  We didn't get home until 7pm and no one was really hungry.  Since he's supposed to enjoy all of his Wish items, we decided to defer his Wish dinner until tomorrow when he could be hungry enough to enjoy it.  We're all just exhausted!

Check out the sign.  It wasn't just a cheap poster board sign, it was heavy duty.  Cole kept it as a souvenir.
Lots and lots of shopping.
And time to eat....look at the ice cream!

And, well, luckily Jaemin had already decided he wanted to buy Crush and he went out after lunch.
Cole shopped and really loaded his carts....multiple.