Sunday, September 9, 2007

Yoga Anyone?

Kae and Chelsi Doing "YogaKids"

We got this tape from the library and Kaelin just loves it.  Chelsi, pretty much just likes the roaring part with the lion.  :)  Maybe, just maybe they'll relax and sleep well with it??  Can I hope, anyways.

Dad has a *new* favorite sport

He always thought soccer was....well, just not up to par with football, baseball and basketball.  But, now that he's seen his daughter play....he's in it.

Our goalie girlie.

I'm not sure what she was doing here.

Our Annual Cabin Weekend for Labor Day

It was a lot of fun as usual.  The kids were EXHAUSTED afterward.  Too much fun to be had outside and not enough naps or night sleeping.  :)

They did the usual 4-wheelin' and mule rides.  Lots of fishing again.  They caught PLENTY of fish for the whole family.  Nothin' like spending a weekend with about 20 other family members.  It really is fun and every family should do it.

As does every kid her age every year, Chelsi loved the singing bass.

Kae and Grandpa.


Tommy, Nicole and Kae.....btw the baby came just days later.  Phew!

Fishin' fun with dad.

No, we didn't eat this one.

Help, I can't get out!

Time to eat the fish!!  YUM YUM!

And some fruit for the girls.

What a great time.  I love times like these with the kids.