Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

C and J were scarescrows.  K was a fairy and C was a Princess Jasmine.  They got too much candy already and the three middles are still out trick-or-treating.  We're going to have candy 'til Easter...again!  No chocolate though.  That me and dads.  :)































J at grandma's tonight.  He did NOT want to leave the piano alone.



Pumpkins for Halloween

We almost didn't get our pumpkins done this year.  We just got too busy.  This morning we got up and did pumpkins in our pajamas before breakfast.  :)  The kids decided what they wanted their faces to be.  The big boys drew and carved theirs.  K drew hers and I carved.  I drew and carved C's after she picked a face.  Then the boys insisted I do the alien picture on Js.  We actually grew our pumpkins this year.  The kids planted the seeds and as perfect as it sounds we ended up with 5 little pumpkins.

Five little pumpkins sitting in a row.

My little sweeties; Jaemin, Chelsi, Kaelin, Chase and Cole. HA!

























































Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A kiss goodnight

Every night since J came home we've pretty much had the same routine.  We ask if he wants to go to bed, he says "ni ni" and I take him to bed.  We turn on Mozart and I hold him for awhile.  If I walk to close to his crib he'll reach for it, so I usually stay on the other side of his room for as long as I can so I can hold him for a bit longer.  Then when he reaches for his crib I take his paci and ask for a kiss and hug.  He always gives me a kiss, but he's not as good about the hugs.  Hugs are for arriving home.  After kiss and hug I lay him in bed and he turns on the water music player attached to his crib, cuddles his puppy and lays on his side.  I usually lean over the crib and stroke his cheek and kiss my fingers to his cheek for a little bit.

Tonight I was doing that and he put his hand to his mouth and blew me a kiss.  It was so sweet!  He just kept doing it.  I picked him back up and game him one more kiss goodnight and told him thank you.

I love these moments!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

We're calling it OFFICIAL!

Since, I accidentally caught J taking more than 2 steps on camera we're pronouncing this the day J first walked!  He took several steps towards C after he pulled himself up onto the couch!

Go J!!


Enjoying Nature

since we're probably near the last decent day of the year.  We took a little drive and went to the nature center.  The kids enjoy it, but we don't get to go too often.  J got to see all the big fish, snakes, etc.; alive and dead.  He was a little stunned at the big deer!  You'll see a picture of the kids on the trail in here.  It's a picture of Cole pushing the stroller, with Chelsi in it.  They began to argue over who got to push and at one point they both had their hand on a handle and it looked like they were holding hands.  I snapped the picture and then told them how it looked.  I've never seen two boys split so fast!