Monday, July 28, 2008

Float Trip 2008

The kids had to check out the minnows and crawdads in the river after we stopped to eat on our float trip.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Have you counted your blessings today?

I was just reflecting on the past six months this week.  The 14th marked 6 months since Brian’s accident and I was thinking about how much we’ve been through in these past 6 months and how friends, family and even strangers have crossed our paths and made a difference in our lives.  I know so many days I, personally, would not have gotten through without some of these people. 

Some of our friends and family and yes, even strangers, gave us some spare cash and gas cards to help us through as we paid for medical deductibles and expenses to see each other during Brian’s hospital stay.  It’s pretty hard on the kids to be 45 minutes from their father on a daily basis for 6 weeks by no choice of anyone of us.  I will never forget the night Meg brought the kids up so I could visit with them and then she could, in turn, visit Brian.  She suddenly came back down the elevator and said Brian needed me NOW!  That was the story of the nurse from hell…..if you remember from our caringbridge site at the time.  I had to run upstairs suddenly and it left Chelsi screaming for me in the lobb of the hospital.  She hadn’t seen me in a couple of days, just phone calls to say goodnight.  I was crying on the walk to the elevators.  It was about 9:00 pm and some young girl sitting in the lobby grabbed me as I was getting on the elevator and said “I thought you could use a hug”.  Such a simple gesture that still brings tears to my eyes today.  Such a nice thing for a stranger to do.  She recognized the pain my family was in.  I have a friend who I called while staying at the hospital one morning.  I told her I just needed someone there with me and she dropped everything to come.  All of this means the world.

We also had friends who drove me to see him once I returned home.  It may not seem like much, but I was so exhausted with parenting, working full-time and worry that I don’t think I could have safely made it on my own.  My mom or sister road with me and the kids on the weekends so I could have help with the kids….since again I was worn thin.  Some people brought over food.  Such a blessing I’ll tell ya!  Some friends even bought Brian clothes to wear for rehab, so he could really workou comfortably.  Brian’s work….they were nothing short of awesome from the administration to his co-workers.  He’s been there for so many years, but that doesn’t guarantee treatment like this in bad times.  They made sure his insurance stayed in place, co-workers donated their leave time to get us a paycheck and they let us use his work cell phone (I only have Tracfone) to enable Brian and I to talk to each other every night once I returned home.  The ability to communicate with my husband during this was a gift!

On top of this, we had so many prayers.  We had prayers from so many across the United States.  We had heard about him being on prayers lines everywhere.  Even the rehab facility wondered if it wasn’t those prayers that allowed him to recooperate the way he did.  People we didn’t even know took time out of their day to think of us and pray for our family.

I think it’s his accident that made Cole’s appendectomy and Chelsi’s seizure, just four months later, both stressful and easier for me to get through.  I was terrified through Chelsi’s seizure, ambulance ride etc., but most of that fear may have been because we were so far from home. 

It’s so true that you don’t know who your friends are until you really need them and they’re either there or they’re not.  They’re there to take care of you and your kids when your husband can’t, give you rides when you just can’t do it, nurish you and your children and just be there.  We had no idea how rich we were in friends. 

Do what you can for your friends when they need you.  They will never forget the little things.  During those times, it’s the little things that really count.  We have a lot of blessings to count in our lives.  Six months of stress and six months of blessings.

Count yours.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Parent Share

Just wanted to share this. I read it yesterday and it describes a lot of the ways we raise our kids in our home. Thought someone here might appreciate it too. It made me feel a little better.....not such a meany mom.


Sleeping Beauty or Repunzel??

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

We didn’t do too much.  Since we’d painted the night before I wanted Brian to get some rest in.  So Kae and I went to town (yes we made an extra trip, that I rarely do with gas as high).  We had to buy the lights for the addition.  We figured this way we can pick inexpensive outdoor lights and not end up paying $30 for a floodlight the electrician might put out.  We got everything we set out to get except the outdoor fireplace. 

 About 7:30 we all headed to town again to watch the fireworks.  We walked around a bit first and listened to the various bands playing.  Stopped to look at the little goat zoo and the Liger.  Then on to find a spot to watch fireworks.  The garage worked great!  We could see almost everyone of them.  A couple of lower ones were blocked by a building, but that was all.  There was plenty of room up there, so we got a funnel cake and sat on a blanket and ate and drank the juices I brought waiting for the show to begin.  The older three liked them a lot.  We haven’t gone to town to watch for years.  Chelsi was scared.  She liked the colors, but the whole way home she kept saying “they say boom, boom, boom” and she’d yell it real loud.  :)  She loved watching the ones individuals were shooting off as we were driving home because there were no booms.

Can you tell what all of the items are in this photo?  It didn’t turn out, but it was sort of interesting.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Laundry Day

Look what we found under the laundry.

No, just kidding.  Chelsi fell asleep on the chair in our room while we were cleaning house.  That chair is where I dump the clothes out of the dryer so I can fold.  I thought I’d wake her since it wasn’t naptime yet anyways, but no, no she stayed asleep laundray and all.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jobs done and babies resting

Games are done now, so that’s a load off and will give Brian some rest he very badly needs.  I offer to go for him so he can stay with the littles, but he wants to be the one to see his sons play, so he only let me go to one.  It’s hard to deny him that.

I was a little stressed about more work on the house tonight.  It wasn’t a big job, but nothing ever seems big until you get into it.  So, grandma watched the kids so mom and dad could paint the kitchen in peace.  We finished tearing off the wallpaper this week and sprayed the lower wall with knockdown last night.  Then the few pieces of wallpaper left are not visible at all.  It really does look good.  Can’t wait to get the trim back up.  Then we ate a bite and went to pick the kids up.  We were completely done within a couple of hours, so not near as bad as I was really expecting.  I’ll be thrilled when the house is done, inside and out and we can just live without thinking what needs to be done next or what’s in the way or are they going to go over the bid.

The boys are in bed and the girls are watching a movie.  We hung a little curtain on the loft so they’d have a little hideout in Chelsi’s bed.  They thought it was pretty neat.

Picture from tonight.