I am, Lisa, an established blogger mom since 2006.  I squeeze a fulltime job into parenting Cole, Chase, Kaelin, Chelsi and Jaemin and being a wife to my husband of 2 decades (hopefully a good one).  I try my best at coordinating doctor appointments and keeping the whole family organized and ready for everything....and really anything.

We're a tough family who uses tough parenting....because life IS tough!  We teach our children how to budget/save (very young), deal with disappointment (look on the bright side) and live life to the fullest you can.  We don't make a lot of money, but we pay our bills every month.  We've been through A LOT together.

We just keep pushing through and try to enjoy life together.  In our, rare, free time, we enjoy the dollar menu at McDonalds or 1/2 price pizza and watch a movie we probably taped a month ago on a free movie weekend from our satellite...it's our living room picnic, watching one of the kids wrestle, play football, volleyball or whatever they're interested in....and of course the kids like to hunt and fish when they can.