Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Out of order Christmas

I really did get out of sorts this year.  I didn't even do our annual Christmas photo, so no cards this year.  But, I mentioned doing a Christmas video card and the girls wanted to do that....SOOOOO....the choreography is totally them.  I just bought the music and Jaemin was in charge of operating the tablet while I video taped.  They had such a great time!  Christmas was good and I got to have some time with my sweet new nephew (Godchild).  Love him too!

Christmas card 2016!
K and Aunt M
 C and Aunt M

 C and Aunt M (She got 3 of the 5 with her)
 She's so good with the baby!
J's Christmas Party.

 More Christmas Pics

My Christmas Elf (2016 Program)

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