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Monday, May 14, 2012

What a day!

And I don't mean in a good way.  Stressful and tiring.  First of all, I have a sore on my mouth from all the stress of the cost of the vehicles last week.  Makes eating really painful and just moving my mouth painful.  Then, I go to UPS to pick up the triangular colored pencils I bought Jaemin, for Korea, and they shipped them back to the store.  UGH!  Walmart, was, well......Walmart.  Enough said.  I went to get gas and wasn't sure what side the tank was on for Cole's car......and I got it wrong.  Got home and decided I was never going to have time to cut the boys' hair before vacation and it was getting LONG!  So, I started with Cole, then Chase, then thought what the heck I may as well get Jaemin's hair cut.  Thank God he's a sensory seeker and LOVES getting his hair cut with the trimmers.  He's a really great customer that Jaemin.  Then, Kaelin decided it was her turn.  She just couldn't stand it anymore, so it's short now.  Still had to eat and clean up and go through all the school supplies they sent home today.  The septic guy decided he was going to work on our lines this week, the roofer decided he was going to roof this weekend, which means I had to call the gutter guy to let him know it will be his turn.  Then, next week we have to get our screens out and rescreened.  Our home repair will be all done after that and I will breath.  Then, we go on VACATION!  I'll be needing it, by the way.

Oh...and one funny thing for the night.  Got our phone bill to top it was $10 higher.  I called to find out why and they inform me there was a late charge on it.  UUUhhhhh....we have auto pay.  they put it on our credit card automatically every we can't be late.  She explains there must have been a glitch.  You think so?  I did ask her to put a note on our account about what happened so they'd believe me if it ever happened again.  I never thought I'd get a late charge for that.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hallie's still waiting for you.....are you ready to call Holt?

It's time for Hallie to find out what it's like to be part of a family and still get the great care that Holt Ilsan is providing her in Seoul.  I have no doubt that the perfect family is out there somewhere.  God has a great plan for Hallie.  Are you part of that plan?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hallie still needs a forever family.....are you her family?

Hallie is still waiting.  With a spunky little personality she's sure to bring cheer to a family just waiting for a special little girl.  Maybe you are those parents?  She just needs love and access to great medical care so she can excel beyond expectations.

Take a peak at her information and inquire with Holt International.

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's this little girl's turn to have a family.

I have a new advocate.  This little girl with Holt International.  She has been listed for almost 2 years now and is 2 1/2.  She is, apparently, quite the little charmer.  She does have significant needs and needs a special family with resources AND, of course, love.

Pass this page MISS HALLIE NEEDS HER FOREVER FAMILY on to someone you may know that may just fit this little girls tall order.  She ready and she's waiting for the family God planned for her.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Direct Donation for Dillon for Di2010-k06

Dillon contacted me today.  I now have this sweet little guy's name so you and I can pray for him by name.  Also, when you donate you can put his name in comments on my link or Dillon's site to make sure that the funds go towards him.  If Dillon gets donations in his name they are going to let me know.  I have NOT gotten any donations yet, so please if you're feeling giving, this guy could use it.  Please help him.  We can't all adopt all the children in need, but we can sure help provide some support for them to either help nudge that family in the direction they're otherwise to strapped to walk down or help support his needs when he moves to a facility.

You can click on Dillon's link here to donate.  In the comments section note that it's for HoSeong.


Friday, June 24, 2011

My little man/grant or sponsorship/Di2010/k06

So, I haven't been able to talk on the phone to Dillon staff, but I did receive a quick email that they will be able to take any money I can collect and put it towards a sponsorship if little Mr. Di2010-k06 goes to an institution OR better yet put it in a grant for a family that comes forward to make him their child.

I have an email back to her to ask if it will be tax deductible.  Either way, if you can donate it WOULD go to this little guy.  I'm hoping eventually they'll let me post his picture here.  If you haven't filled out the form yet to see him, trust me, he's SUPER cute!  He'll be 3 in September and seems to be on target with the exception of language.  It sounds like he's about where Jaemin is now.  He's talking, just not full sentences and probably not super clear.  He needs someone to bring him home and get him into some speech therapy and let him grow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New updates on Di2010-K06

I'll keep the donate button out in the right side bar, but since I'm posting this info here anyways, thought I'd also post this.

So, here it is. This little guy (I can't release his name) is almost 3 and is still waiting for his family. He will be moved to an institution, possibly this year. Children are virtually unadoptable at that point. This little guy is making tremendous progress and seems to be doing quite well. He's the same age as Jaemin and seems to be at the same stage...lacking in speech language. I think it's worth at least looking at his file to consider him.

Go to Dillon's web site, fill out the form real quick to get access to the waiting children and say no to this beautiful face....I dare you!!  Double dare you!

If you're not looking to adopt, but would just like to help this sweet boy out, you can donate on my page and in the next several months I will send the money to Dillon. I have their approval to advocate for him and all money donated here will be sent to Dillon and earmarked only for this child. They said that if he's adopted it will go into their Building Families fund and given to his family as a small grant. If he's sent to an orphanage environment, it can then be sent to Korea to aid in his care; speech therapy and just everyday living for a child.

I can't get him off my mind and would like to do something for another child and am praying that somehow he finds his family.

You can donate here and help a child in need.