Thursday, March 10, 2016

So fast

The older your kids get, the faster the time goes.  Every mother ahead of me in the parent stage told me this, but until you get there you don't believe it.  CRAZY!  It's been a good couple of months.  We had a little rough time when my grandma passed away suddenly and I was sick for a month and when I got better and went to work I made it a whole day before I got a stomach bug.    Our house has been started and is already under roof.  I can't believe we're leaving this house after 20 years!  But, the new one is looking so nice and the smaller lot, appealing.  Chase and Kaelin have started track.  Chelsi wrapped up gymnastics and as bad as she wanted to do another session because they hired such a fantastic instructor, we decided that we can't handle one additional thing with the house.  Kaelin is overlapping track with volleyball.  She's not playing with her school, but the coach she landed last year who is just phenomenal.  She's always so impressed by Kaelin and continues to teach her new things step-by-step.  We're spending every weekend cleaning ours house, working weekends at our jobs, grocery shopping, catching up from the busy week and cleaning up and doing work at the new house to save money.  Once we sell our current house we'll be in great shape.  We've had so many lookers but only 1 couple actually had their house already listed, so no one has been looking that seriously yet.  Good feedback so far, so we just wait.  Cole continues to work full-time, Chase with track and football in the mornings (weights).  I think Cole finally stopped growing which he should be thankful for since he now has to buy his own clothes.  Chase has hit 6'2" and is not 16 yet.  Chelsi is down to just concentrating on school since gymnastics ended and Jaemin continues to work on his deficits with all 4 therapies 150 minutes/week.  She gave up candy for Lent and Jaemin gave up electronics and candy.  He's not going into tablet withdrawal yet, so I'm impressed.

I don't have lake view pics yet, but Chase spent some time fishing when we were working on it last week.  I love that him and Jaemin just sat quietly down by the lake together.

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